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Alfaba Web Developers Company, under the management of Milad Nosrati, has been operating since 1996 in the field of designing all kinds of corporate, store, personal, real estate, advertisement, and other websites and applications under the brand of Alfaba Web. Before this date, for 10 years, under another brand name, we have provided services for the production of Windows, ASP and PHP software. At Alfaba Web, our efforts have always been and will be to use the best specialists and consultants in the software fields in order to achieve the results of our customers.

Do you know what is one of the important factors hindering the growth of companies and stores?
One of the most important factors hindering growth is the lack of attention to marketing and internet sales. In today’s world, where most people are looking for the easiest way to achieve their goals, the fastest and most accessible tools are internet tools. Among the sites and applications that users see, if you can attract the opinion of the audience, you will definitely experience a higher share of sales.

ساختمان الفبا وب

How can we guide and help you in reaching your goals at Alfaba Web?
Due to the presence of experts in the field of digital marketing, we can introduce you to the best infrastructure with the most optimal cost, taking into account your current needs and the short-term and long-term goals you have in mind. cover your business and company and save time to achieve these goals. Some companies also use our services to train their technical staff. In this way, in the areas they need, with the coordination of the collection support unit, they send the training request and the required topics, and after confirming the attendance time from the company, the training will be given in the desired collection and with subsequent consultations. And fixing the defects move towards the result.

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