Site Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing the site in Google should undoubtedly be one of the main goals of your internet business. If you can’t do a good job of SEO, it’s natural that all the spending and activities you’ve done online will be in vain!

Of course, as soon as you have decided to take your business out of its traditional form and promote it through a website; You have taken a very big step in achieving success; But this alone is not enough!

The main goal of optimizing a site for search engines is not just that the search engine bot of your choice finds your site pages. But what is important is that you can get a good rank from the desired search engine crawler.

According to the obtained statistics, about 90% of all the clicks that users make on the links of the sites are specific to the first page of the search engine. Also, among the 10 results on the first page, three quarters of clicks are made on the first link.

As a result, it is very important so that you can initially SEO your site based on the principles of site optimization and reach the first page of Google. After reaching the first page of Google, you should focus on getting the first to third rank.

As a result, having a poor performance in this field can cause irreparable damage to your internet business. Of course, there is no need to worry, in this article we are going to provide you with techniques that you can use to optimize your site for search engines.

What are the benefits of site optimization?

At the time of site design, according to the type of site activity, facilities should be applied. What are the things required for website design optimization?

With the help of the four steps that we explain below, you can reach the top stages of site optimization in the fastest time. Some of these things may be repetitive for you, but be careful that some topics are so important that repeating them is not harmful. Even in some cases, it has been seen that many internet business managers completely forget these things after a period of time and do not implement them in their strategies.

Site analysis for business

Site analysis helps your progress in site optimization a lot. You should analyze your H tags, keywords, meta descriptions, internal and external links, and site titles. After you have prepared these items in a good list, it is time to compare them with the basic principles of site optimization or site SEO and improve the shortcomings that you think may prevent your site from increasing in page rank. give

After you have done a good analysis of your site, it is time to analyze the performance of your competitors. For this, it is enough to select a key phrase for which you are going to create content and check the top five sites that have received a rank for it in terms of SEO and site optimization in Google. Analyzing your competitors’ performance should be your top priority in determining a successful strategy. In this case, you can be sure that you will not be left behind easily.

The important thing about site optimization and analysis in relation to improving your internet business is to act as quickly as possible to prepare the best list of keywords. You should choose those keywords that match the topic of your activities. It is natural that ranking for unrelated terms will not be of any benefit to you.

Researching key phrases and developing them

Keyword research is the key in site optimization, during which you will come across a list of keywords for which you are going to produce content and get a ranking. You should get a targeted list of key phrases and work accordingly.

After preparing the first list, an important issue that many people forget in keyword research is extracting competitors’ key phrases. After you have obtained the list of key phrases of your competitors and business sites, choose among them the phrases that do not have a specific page and are not present in Google’s SERPs.

Site content optimization

Optimizing site content, if done correctly, will promote your site in a professional way. For this reason, this issue is emphasized a lot in Google site optimization training courses. So you must implement its techniques carefully.

An important issue that you face with site optimization in the content section is your titles. Headings are a good place to put keywords. With a simple search, you can understand that the top sites that have been able to get good rankings for importing different keywords, all of them have used the main and other keywords in their page titles.

The next important thing is to produce a great meta description. You may not believe it, but the meta description has a great impact on improving the site’s ranking, and Google will pay special attention to it.

In the meta description, just like the site titles, we must use our keywords. Meta descriptions should not have a structure like tags and you should put your keywords in the form of meaningful sentences.

Another important site optimization tip is to create an XML sitemap for your pages. Creating a sitemap helps the Google robot index your site pages quickly. This issue will have a great impact on improving the ranking of your site.

Review and repeat the above steps

If we say that this stage is much more important than other stages, we are not lying! The improvement of all your activities in the long run depends on this step. Every site administrator needs to re-analyze his activities after a few months. Only then can success be achieved.

So, after going through the three steps above and after the time has passed, you should check all of them again from the beginning and work more on those parts where you feel you have problems. This work can achieve the ultimate goal of optimizing the site for search engines.


How search engines work in site optimization training

Before we want to give more detailed information about search engines, we must make sure that we have a correct understanding of a search engine and its importance.

How does a search engine work?

The most important part you need to optimize your site is choosing a search engine, which most people consider Google Chrome. Search engines are tools that find and categorize different content based on user searches. Every search engine consists of two main parts which are listed below.

Why should we pay attention to how search engines work?

Understanding how search engines work and how they find, index, and rank an article is very important in getting better rankings in search results for common keywords.

How do search engines index content?

Many search engines like Google and Bing have trillions of pages in their search index. We need to talk about the mechanism of creating and maintaining web indexing. In the image below, we find more information on how to make Google’s “Search Index”. If you learn the logic of the index, you will try to optimize the site more easily.

These steps can be divided into four parts, which we will explain below.

Step 1: URL

It all starts with a list of URLs. Google identifies these URLs through various processes, but three of the most common ones are listed below:

  • Backlinks: Google has a very large list of web pages. If someone puts a link from your site on one of these sites in this list, your site will also be found in this way.
  • Site backlinks can be obtained with the help of various strategies.
  • Sitemap: Sitemap provides a list of all the important pages of your site.
  • URL registration: URLs can be registered with the help of Google search console.

Second step: Crawling

Crawling is where a computer robot called “Spider” like “Googlebot” visits the site and downloads its pages. Google doesn’t always crawl pages in the same order they were found, but ranks URLs based on the following factors:

  • Rank (PageRank) of the URL
  • The number and method of periodic URL changes (pages and site content updates)
  • New or old URL

In this way, it is possible for search engines to crawl a part of your pages before the rest, especially if you have a large site, the complete crawling process may take a long time.

Third step: processing

Processing is the time when Google tries to understand and extract key information from crawled pages. Almost no one outside of Google knows the details of this process, but what can be understood is that the most important activities of this stage are extracting links and storing content for indexing.

Also, Google must prepare a certain output (rendering) from the pages and process them. By doing this, it is determined how this page is viewed by a user. In the order mentioned, part of the processing can be done before or after rendering.


Fourth step: indexing

Indexing is done where crawled pages are added to a large database called the Search Index. This section is actually where Google results are displayed.

The important thing to note here is that when you enter a term into a search engine, you’re not directly searching the Internet to find it, but rather crawling the search engine’s index of web pages. So if a web page is not in the Search Index, users will not find the page. For this reason, one of the most important parts of site optimization training should be site indexing.


Optimization for search engines

Another topic in site optimization training is SEO. In fact, now that we are familiar with how search engines work and we know how important the content of the site is in crawling and indexing the site, we will introduce you to how to optimize these contents to perform the processes correctly.

But what is the importance of site optimization and why site optimization or SEO should be important for businesses and site owners. The most important feature of site optimization is that it helps us to get a better rank in search engines, and this better rank and the resulting traffic constitute most of the advantages of SEO. With the help of site optimization, we can increase site traffic, stable traffic, free and natural traffic.

How to introduce your site to Google?

An important point that should be mentioned in the training of site optimization is that site optimization techniques lead to better ranking, but if Google does not recognize your site, you will not get any ranking. Google will eventually identify your site with the help of different methods, but manually registering the site will bring these benefits to you.

Faster recognition: Many new sites have not received backlinks from other sites. So, it takes some time for Google to recognize these sites.

  • Site improvement: With the help of Google search console, you get better suggestions for site optimization.
  • The first step to registering your site in Google is to find a sitemap. Typically, a sitemap URL looks like one of the


If you can’t find this address, it is most likely listed below.

If the site map is not found in this section, you should prepare it. WordPress plugins like “Yoast SEO” do this for you easily and for free.

When choosing a domain name, you should not worry about using keywords in your field of expertise. The domain name should not be long. For example, if we want to choose a domain for an Italian restaurant in London, the domain name should not be chosen as follows.

Listed below are the characteristics of a suitable domain.

  • Include the name of the business.
  • Write without hyphens and prepositions.
  • Be short and easy to remember.

The top-level domain, or TLD, is the part that comes after your site name. For example, in the above address, “.com” is the top-level domain. Of course, according to Google, the top-level domain will not play a role in SEO, but for many businesses, the use of the “.com” domain is recommended.

Providing the right domain

At this stage of site optimization training, we must mention the preparation of a suitable domain. Of course, if you have already registered a domain, there is no need to worry because it will most likely be a suitable domain and there will be no problem in site optimization. However, if you still haven’t found the right domain, keep the following two features in mind when choosing a domain.

Preparation of the site with the help of ready platforms

Most people do not need to design a website with the help of “HTML” and “CSS”. Instead of coding from scratch, special platforms can be used for this work. With the help of these platforms, you can prepare your site without coding and with the help of ready-made templates. These platforms exist in the following two sections.

Hosted Platform: This type of platform provides all the needs in one place. Hosting, support, design and all the needs of a site are done with the help of this platform. In these platforms, it is possible to design and manage content without coding.
Self-Hosted Platform: This type of platform provides the possibility of content management without coding, however, you have to buy hosting and install them yourself. Many site optimization experts recommend using self-hosted platforms such as WordPress. In addition, access to WordPress and its features in Iran is more than other platforms.

Use the right host

The next step in teaching site optimization for Google is to use a suitable host. Web hosts store your information on different memories and anyone can access this information with the help of the Internet. Many site optimization experts suggest that using dedicated hosting is better than shared hosting.

In the beginning, there is no difference between these two services. But when the incoming traffic to your site is high and you have shared resources, you will face problems in providing services to users. In many cases, the use of cheap hosting meets the needs of users. Pay attention to these points when buying a host:

Security: Use a host that provides you with a free SSL/TLS certificate or supports a free certificate.
Server location: Transferring data between the user and the server takes time, so you should choose the server location where your users can access your site.
Support: Hosting service provider sites have 24/7 support. But you have to check the way of service and their response speed at different hours.

The point that we should mention about the location of the server is that with the help of “CDN” or (Content Delivery Network), copies of your site are placed on servers in other parts of the world, and in this way, there is a problem with the speed of the site and You can’t find the server location. Of course, these types of services are available for free and paid, and this has a separate cost.

Creating the right user experience

In this part of the site optimization training for Google, we must mention the user experience (UX). Google gives a lot of credit to sites that provide a good user experience. In the following, we describe some of the simpler ways for this issue.


There is nothing worse than when a user visits your site and gives their information to hackers. Therefore, encrypt your site using HTTPS.

Eye-catching design

Nobody likes to use sites with outdated design. Of course, you don’t need to change your site design every 6 months, but at least you should use a site that has a good effect for the user.

Design for mobile

According to Google statistics, many users conduct their searches through mobile phones. Therefore, you should design your website in a “responsive” way so that it can be read properly on mobile phones.

use the right font

According to the previous section, it can be seen that people search the Internet with different devices. For this reason, you should use a suitable English and Farsi font that can be read well on different devices.

Not using pop-up ads

Although everyone hates ads, sometimes you need them. In this situation, you should get help from an ad that does not have a destructive role. In the meantime, pop-up ads are among the ads that you should stay away from. The use of targeted internet advertising or the use of ad reporting are suitable options for advertising.

high speed in loading the site

Page speed is one of the most important factors in site ranking. Of course, this does not mean that your site has to be incredibly fast. Of course, the higher the speed you have, the better. However, this will play a bigger role in the user experience.

Preparing a logical structure for the site

Both users and search engines should have proper navigation on your site. Therefore, you should organize the content of your site with a logical and hierarchical structure. These internal links are very useful for user experience and site optimization, and special attention is paid to them in the site optimization training for Google. The reason for this attention can be summarized as follows.
  • Helping search engines find new pages
  • Getting the right ranking from Google’s “PageRank” algorithm
  • Helping search engines to understand the topic of your site

Use a logical URL structure

The URLs you use on your site are very important because they help users understand the topic of the desired page. Many platforms such as WordPress allow you to customize the URL structure. For example, 5 different structures can be considered in WordPress for URL as given in the table below. In this example, we have considered an article with the title “Measuring the performance of ad reporting”. In the meantime, you should pay attention to two points:

If you are designing a site from scratch, you must have a clear and descriptive structure. As a result, the last mode in the above table, i.e. “Post Name” is suggested. Using the date in the URL is not considered a good method because it is possible to update your content later.
But if you are optimizing a site, even if the content URLs do not have a proper structure, you should not change them. Changing the URL in this case will have a negative effect on site optimization.

Install site optimization plugin

One of the features of WordPress for users is that there are site optimization plugins on this platform. For this reason, the point that should be addressed in the site optimization training for Google is the installation of functional plugins for site optimization. There are various WordPress plugins for this task, which are listed below two of the most used plugins along with the access link.

  • “Yoast SEO” plugin
  • “Rank Math” plugin

With the help of new and practical methods of site optimization and complete familiarity with Google rules, Alfawab site design company increases traffic and thus the ranking of your site, and in this way, the possibility of accessing and viewing the site is possible for visitors and target users. Makes. Today, all businesses are trying to improve their ranking in Google search results, as Google is the most popular and most used search engine.