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Do you need site admin or want to become a successful website admin yourself? ? How much is the site admin salary? How much time do we need to train the site admin? What is the site admin panel? How should we go about hiring a site administrator to manage our websites? These are the questions that may be on your mind, in fact there is a 90% chance that you came to this page to find the answers to these questions.

If so, you are very lucky! Alfabab intends to help you increase your knowledge about site admin by presenting an article in simple and fluent language. In fact, if you are looking for a site admin or if you want to be an admin, this article is written for you and will help you get what you need. Website design and digital marketing businesses are ready to manage your sites with the best rates available and help you to promote your business and be seen in the virtual world and technology. We are by your side with the best content production and SEO experts, experts to manage your websites, as well as a complete and comprehensive program for guidance and instant reporting!

What we tell you in this article:

Let’s go back to our main topic, that is, the site admin and whatever comes from this person! First of all, let’s see exactly who the site admin is really called? Anywhere in this article, if you have any questions or need corrections, please let us know in the comments section!

Who is the site admin?

Admin is the English word and shortened form of Administrator. Admin means manager, in the English dictionary this term means “manager of an organization, business, etc.” The spread of technology and the Internet around the world has made this word mean private. Now when we use this word, we mean the administrator of the site, page or social network.

The site administrator is responsible for maintaining information, correctly executing pages and solving coding problems, improving site speed, producing and managing content, marketing, inserting product specifications and prices, and generally running the site correctly.

How to become a site administrator?

In the following, we will mention the solutions that make you a site admin, if you want to know in what ways you can get the title of this job, stay with us!  

university education

The first question in the minds of those interested in site management and admin The site exists, is it whether we need private university education to enter this field or not? In answer to this question, we say: In general, site management is not specific or related to academic or university education, and any interested person who has the talent and creativity necessary to learn the topics in order to enter this field, can May this profession succeed.

Of course, you should pay attention to this key point that students Information and Computer Technology field because they are more familiar with the topics of this profession, they can enter this field in an easier way. be.

Participation in face-to-face and non-face-to-face training courses (online)

In any case, whether you have a relevant university education or in a Work in an unrelated field, one of the important conditions is to participate in training courses or internships. Participating in these courses will determine for us how to become a site administrator and in what direction to operate.

The most important topics taught in these courses, familiarity with Site management panel and WordPress, understanding the concept of content production and the ability to troubleshoot errors and solve problems of a site. You must write down what you have learned in a notebook so that you can refer back to your writings when needed..


Free internship

After completing the training courses, it is the turn of to test your knowledge. So check the job ads and go to one of the companies that need a free intern in the field of site management and start your work.

Free internship in a company, great opportunity for promotion and growth is yours In this course, by testing your previous knowledge, you will get the opportunity to gain new and valuable experiences with experts, which will make you grow and progress faster. During the internship, constantly ask questions and write down the new points you learn while working in a notebook.

بعد از تمام شدن دوره کارآموزی دو احتمال وجود دارد:

  1. استخدام به عنوان مدیر سایت در همان شرکت
  2. پایان همکاری با آن شرکت بعد از تمام شدن دوره کارآموزی
در صورت استخدام شما به هدف خود رسیده اید، اما در صورتیکه موفق به ادامه همکاری با عنوان ادمین سایت با شرکت موردنظر نشدید به علت گذراندن دوره کارآموزی شرکت های معتبر زیادی با شما قرارداد همکاری می بندند!  

Plugins that a WordPress site administrator should be familiar with

If you have a basic knowledge of WordPress and its environment, you must know that in WordPress, these plugins do most of the work. In fact, the existence of various plugins has made many things happen automatically in WordPress. Meanwhile, there are plugins that every WordPress site should have. So the WordPress site admin must be familiar with these plugins and master them. In the following, we will introduce these important plugins.

Elementor plugin

Page builders play a big role in WordPress sites. One of the most important page builders is Elementor. A WordPress site administrator must master this plugin in order to be able to implement layout and changes in the most appropriate way..

wp rocket plugin

There is a problem with using WordPress sites, and that is that after a while, the codes written and used on the site increase and slow down the site. For this reason, these codes should be compressed and their additional production should be prevented. One of the most important WordPress plugins wp rocket is With the help of this plugin, the loading speed of your site on users’ devices will be significantly faster and your site will be more optimized. This plugin is one of the most important WordPress plugins that covers many parts of the site and with its help you can easily make many changes on the site with a few clicks. This plugin interferes with other site speed optimization plugins. So, you should choose the best and most suitable for your site among the site speed optimization plugins. The basic features in the wp rocket plugin are free for users to use, and you have to pay a periodic fee to use the professional features.

Yoast SEO Premium plugin

You should always try to improve your SEO with the help of different methods. You can greatly improve your site’s SEO by optimizing your content. To do this efficiently, the best option is to use Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin is offered to WordPress users in two versions, free and professional, which we suggest to use the professional version of this plugin to have more features. This plugin helps you to test different elements that are important in terms of SEO on your site so that you can improve them. Therefore, we suggest that you definitely use Yoast SEO plugin for site SEO and increasing Google site traffic This plugin will increase the google input of your site.

Updraft Plus plugin

Every WordPress site needs a backup plugin. Backup is one of the main duties of the site administrator and should be done regularly. There are many plugins in this field, the most popular of which is Updraft Plus plugin

WordPress site admin

WordPress is the most popular and widely used content management system (CMS) in the world. Its open source and free nature have made many free tools to be created for it and increase its efficiency. That’s why WordPress is one of the most important and popular content management systems in the world. The person who manages a WordPress site is a WordPress site administrator.

The ease of working with WordPress is so great that even beginners can easily design their site. For this reason, most of the sites you visit are designed based on WordPress. WordPress is very popular in Iran, and it can be said with certainty that a large percentage of the sites you visit on a daily basis are built with WordPress. This is why the management of WordPress sites has become doubly important.

WordPress site admin must be familiar with programming and open source software. PHP, HTML and CSS languages are mainly used in WordPress. So, in order to be able to do the technical work of the site and solve possible problems, an administrator must be familiar with these languages and have enough experience in working with WordPress and its counter.

A brand or business that builds its site with WordPress should be looking for an administrator who is fully familiar with WordPress.

What are the duties of the site administrator?

According to the topic and field of activity of each site, the duties of the admin can be described in different ways. For example, if a company or an individual has a small site, only one admin can do site coding, image design, and content creation. But big sites need more people to manage them properly.

The most important goals of content creation are to attract audience to the sites and increase their visits through SEO and increase site traffic. In order to be able to pour contacts from your site and achieve your goals, you must have attractive ideas for content production.

The more careful you are in choosing the right words and key phrases, the more likely your success will be. The more you rank in searchable keywords and related to the site’s domain in Google results, the higher the amount of input and, as a result, the more success you will experience. Knowing the ranking of keywords makes you purposefully try to improve the ranking of the site based on keywords in Google. So knowing the rank of keywords in Google along with proper management and planning plays a big role in improving your site’s rank.

There are many systems for analyzing sites that provide you with this possibility. Alexa is one of the most famous analysis systems for this. If you find any question about any of the sections we discussed, you can let us know through the comments section so that we can respond as soon as possible.

If you think about increasing visits and user satisfaction, every millisecond should be important to you in the loading speed of the site. On the other hand, high site speed is one of the most important SEO factors that Google pays attention to for ranking sites.

People who work on the site or online store know very well that they should get more traffic for the site from the previous day and the previous month. If you can implement the existing ways correctly, great results await you.

Currently, many users are active in social networks; That’s why people, having all kinds of sites, put links and icons of their social networks on their sites. So you should provide links to your pages and channels on social networks, in addition to introducing your business on social networks, by linking the content produced on social networks to the site, you have more traffic on the site.

Sites also need maintenance. This maintenance will be very simple in most cases and depending on the size and complexity and type of design of a site, sometimes it may take time or become more complicated. Over time, as web development technologies change, your site needs to be updated with these changes. Or sometimes, by discovering a bug or security hole, a part of your site must be changed to protect it from malware damage.

Prevention is better than cure, so you should take necessary measures with prevention methods before it enters the site. The most important way to protect and increase the security of the site is to make a complete backup of the WordPress site.

One of the problems that many sites struggle with is backlink spam, which results in fines for the site, and causes some pages to be removed from Google results. In this case, the efforts of the admin and content writers will be wasted. Sometimes these backlinks are created by you by mistake and in some cases they are considered negative SEO attacks and are registered by your competitors. In any case, you should identify the problems as soon as possible and act to fix them.

The advantage of checking internal links is that you see the number and type of links and if there is not enough fit between internal and outgoing links, or follow and no-follow links, you can add or remove additional links. Also, if for any reason there is a wrong link on your site, you will know immediately.

You should display the products and services that your business can provide on store and service sites so that the capabilities and diversity of your business field are clear to the audience. Use high-quality and clear photos that create a clear image of the product in the viewer’s mind, and write the description in such a way that it turns the audience into a customer.

Site security is a sub-branch of computer security, which is often related to browser security issues. Site security includes activities that increase the security of the site and reduce the possibility of intrusion. The security of the site depends on the security of the network, internet, etc.

Features of WordPress

When you learn about the features of WordPress, you will be able to work with this system better and it will be easier for you to work with it. Knowing some details, working with this system will allow you to set up your WordPress site easily and manage and control it well. With this, whenever you encounter a problem, it can be easily fixed.

Correct plan and planning for site promotion

One of the subtle issues in successful websites is a regular plan and schedule for website development. A site without development, even with the best content and services, will soon start a downward trend. People like sites that are constantly changing and trying to improve. A regular growth rate is the most strategic way to make your site professional.

Determined motivation and purpose

If you are the administrator of your own site, ask yourself what is your purpose for entering the Internet and what is the advantage of this action for your life and business? If you want to appoint another person to manage the site, make sure he is motivated enough. Share him in the material and spiritual profit and loss of the site. If the manager of a site is not encouraged, he will not be interested in his work. Finally, the best and most beautiful site will be destroyed under the hands of such a person and will never reach its goals.

روی پلتفرم خاصی تعصب نداشته باشید!

Some site operators have biases towards a certain technology; But others only care about one thing: having a good and successful website. Do not depend on technologies and files. Do not postpone the implementation of your ideas and dreams until this or that technical change is made in the site or its graphic appearance. Some site owners have a strange obsession with some kind of menu or special effect or a flash animation.

Knowledge of the principles of Internet marketing and advertising

Always learn about marketing and advertising. Some admins think naively and do not have proper knowledge of the complex nature of the relentless struggle of sites to steal the field of success from each other. Go to the Google search engine and search for the same word as before, so that the ranking of the sites will be proven to you. To achieve the results of the site, proceed with full knowledge of marketing principles. Acquiring the skill of “advertising” is important for site administrators.

Check competitor sites

Is it possible to be successful and not have competitors? Success is a relative situation and can be measured in comparison with the site’s status. So if you want to have a successful site, know your competitors. Do not be proud and visit their site. Examining competitors’ sites is one of the best and most effective ways to develop a development plan.

Experience and ask to have experience!

If you are not a good consumer, you cannot be a good producer. For example, if you want to be a good composer, you must first listen to good quality music for a few years in order to have a strong mental archive. If you want to become a good writer, you should read and learn the books and works of famous authors for several years. You have to consume the product of successful creators to feel the secret of its success. Many people want to have an online store, but they have never shopped online! If you are afraid to buy online, what do you expect from people?

User support and interaction with them

Sometimes the site admin is not concerned about supporting users or is shy in interacting with people. Because most site managers are technical people who prefer to work behind their desks and not talk to anyone. If you want to have a successful site, leave the doubt aside. Listen to users’ problems and opinions and give them appropriate answers. “Hearing opinions” has spiritual value for you and improves the economic status of the site.

Skill in choosing and producing attractive and efficient content

Original and first-hand content is the most important factor in the development of the site. The Internet is a platform for providing content. Whether the content is an introduction to a physical product or a new article, having an acceptable level of writing and content production skills is required. Do not fill your site with duplicate content copied from other people’s sites. In this case, why should users choose your site? They go to the site that is the main content producer. Take your time and be creative. A site administrator should be able to maintain the site by producing basic content.

Allocating enough time for the development of the site

Some site owners and site administrators think that as soon as we have good content and good software for site content management, the work is done and the site will automatically succeed. The purpose of site admin duties is not to post content, it is to review and analyze the situation. You have to constantly ask yourself, how can I do something better and faster? How can I increase the income of the site? Why does advertising or marketing not produce the desired results? Are users satisfied with the site’s services? Have I considered their suggestions?

Updating your information in the field of website technology

Even if you want to leave the management and admin duties of the site to another person, try to spend at least part of your time in the first months struggling with your site and improving it. If you are not ready to spend the main daily working hours for your site and you have considered free time and rest time at home for this, it means that you have not yet taken the role of the site seriously in your business.

Take time to get out of this vicious circle. Improve your technical knowledge. Overcome your fears about not knowing the technology. On the Internet, managers with little or unreliable technical knowledge of web technology often fail; Of course, be careful not to overdo it. If you get too involved in technical details, you will stop from more important things like digital marketing and growing your business! The administrator of the site in Alfaboob will send you a work report at any time.

Where does site admin training start? Where to start?

The admin of a site must have a lot of technical and non-technical knowledge. The first and most important expertise of a site admin is familiarity with the back end of the site. Therefore, he must be familiar with web programming languages and open source software.

Familiarity with servers and the discussion of site security helps the site administrator to develop the best and most optimal sites and to quickly solve possible problems that occur. The site administrator must have other non-technical knowledge. These skills include problem solving, critical thinking, active listening, and time management.

Important features that a professional site administrator should have

A site administrator must be motivated and ethical, so that he must determine his goal of managing the site and move based on his personal goals based on the determined goals.

In addition, a successful manager must have the ability to communicate with other people in the group and in this field can establish good communication. Be familiar enough with design work and be able to program the site so that he can make changes in the site design at important times. In addition, a successful site administrator must be familiar with content creation and optimization.

Another behavioral characteristic is interest in internet business, people can spend time on a site continuously if they are interested in computer work. In addition, he must have the ability to manage the group and be fully familiar with the principles of management.

In very large companies, the content production group is usually considered separately for content production, but the site administrator must also check the work details of the content production group and use the optimal content in order to increase the site’s ranking. At the same time, the management should be fully familiar with site analysis software to be able to measure the site’s rank on a daily basis.

How much is the site admin salary?

Do website admins or website admins have a good income or not? This story depends on your skill level in managing the sites you work with, the higher the quality of your work, the higher the fee you can request for managing a site.

An experienced and professional site administrator mainly manages the site by project and remote work, because in this situation he will be able to manage several sites at the same time and this will increase the income several times. On the other hand, in addition to site management, professional administrators also specialize in content creation and site SEO, which increases their income to a great extent.

In this field of work, like many other specialized jobs, the income of each person is completely dependent on his skill level. A person who does not have a lot of experience and skills should definitely not expect very good earnings, but he can start working with lower expectations to increase his skills. Against people who have high skills, experience and creativity, they have very good income from the site, which is sometimes unimaginable.

In any case, we cannot consider a ceiling for the income of a professional site administrator, because a site administrator can manage several sites at the same time and receive significant income from each one.

Do you need a site admin? Hiring a site administrator is difficult! Trust us!

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