Exclusive store website design at an incredible price!

If your goal of designing a dedicated store site is to compete with competing sites and companies, you must design a dedicated online store site for the success of your business online store. It is a serious need.


It is certain that this need cannot be met by building an online store site by online store builders, because the visual design of the site is designed in the exclusive design of the store site according to the needs and tastes of you and the end customer and with a glimpse of the successful online stores of the market. and the principles of increasing site visits and improving the SEO ranking of the site are done appropriately based on the type of your activity. In the future, the implementation of special features in order to achieve more sales with the design of a dedicated online store will have a higher development capability

Advantages of designing a dedicated store website

The advantages of designing a dedicated store website can be examined in different parts, which is one of the most important topics of unique and creative design. If your design is a reliable person, you can be sure that your design example will not be implemented on another site, and this can differentiate you compared to your competitors.

Your design is not copied from other sites and people who enter the site as visitors will be faced with a new and attractive space. You can get a lot of unconventional and creative coloring and formatting help in designing a dedicated store site. In the design of a dedicated store site, we see high performance quality and speed, because dedicated sites are made only for one person or group and every part of it is carefully checked. Another issue that we should mention is the security of these sites.

We can consider security and management as one of the advantages of designing a dedicated store website. As the site administrator, you supervise all parts of the site and manage each part based on your goals and taste.

Another important point that we should pay attention to is the ability to develop the site in the coming days. When you take help from ready-made templates, maybe your site can no longer be developed and this issue will cause a lot of damage to your business in the future. But there is no limit in designing your own store site, and considering that all coding is done exclusively, access to all codes will be available for you and future designers.

The expansion of the site can be discussed in general or you can add specific modules and parts to it. Don’t forget that website design is the first step in your internet advertising. The next step is to introduce the site to Google and improve its position. Among the advantages of designing a dedicated store site, we point out that the SEO status of the site is examined based on the type of business and all designs are made according to this information.

Low maintenance and development cost is one of the advantages of designing a dedicated store website

Although the design of a dedicated store site costs more than other methods, the cost of maintaining and developing these sites is very limited and low.

People consider less costs when starting an online activity. Although the price of designing a dedicated store website is higher compared to ready-made templates, but by paying this fee, you will avoid the expenses that you have to do in the future to develop your site.

Paying for the design of a dedicated store website can be considered as an investment. When you design your site in this way, you have provided the ability to easily apply any changes to the site in the future.

Imagine that you have to add parts to the site in the future. In ready-made templates, even if there is expansion capability, there are still many restrictions in your way and you cannot apply the changes in the way you want. On the other hand, the low maintenance cost of the site is considered one of the other advantages of designing a dedicated store site.

Building a store site with php

PHP programming language is one of the most popular web programming languages among those interested in this field, so that popular content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Doorpal, etc. have been designed and created with its help.

PHP is primarily used for website design, but it can be used as a general purpose programming language. PHP code can be written in HTML, HTML5, various web page templates, CMS, web frameworks. PHP

It is usually processed by the PHP interpreter as a module or CGI on the server. The standard PHP interpreter with Zend Engine under the PHP license can be installed on all kinds of operating systems for free.

PHP is widely used to create websites. PHP has become the first choice of web developers with its faster turn-around time, security and affordable price. Due to the many advantages of using this programming language, many famous online businesses such as Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Flickr, etc. use this programming language. In this section, I will mention 11 advantages that have made PHP popular among web developers.

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As an open source language, PHP is a family of online developers constantly striving to develop to meet emerging business requirements, helping developers and businesses easily add newer features. have on their site.

Embed ability

In the latest trend of adaptive content, Responsive sites and fluid design systems are more necessary for business. In this context, HTML5 is an industry standard that is undoubtedly required for the development of very dynamic and responsive sites. Developers can easily convert existing static site code into a brand new dynamic website just by adding their PHP code to HTML.

PHP is supported by a virtual community

This is a byproduct of PHP being open source. The language itself has a large and growing community of developers and professional experts willing to support beginners and constantly engaged in communication with the latest issues in the web development community.

PHP has a large standard library

What makes a good programming language different? The amount of the standard library of that language. Libraries play an important role in simplifying and speeding up the language’s data processing capabilities.

PHP has a large standard library

What makes a good programming language different? The amount of the standard library of that language. Libraries play an important role in simplifying and speeding up the language’s data processing capabilities.

PHP offers great performance

PHP speeds up development as much as execution speed. With the help of a web contract stack, PHP leverages the Apache web server and allows applications to leverage MySQL databases, allowing developers to create a customized, multifaceted solution for online presence. Make.

PHP offers different frames

PHP is able to provide extremely fast return times, because it has a relatively large family of frameworks. They range from enterprise level Zend and Yii frameworks, to Laravel and Sympfony, performance optimizers such as Phalcon and PHPixie for accelerated program designs or Code igniter for more coherent designs.
Idea for content creation

Idea for designing a store website and getting rich! – If you have no idea…

Maybe these ideas are your first step into the wonderful world of making money from the web! It’s time for you to get to work and not be left behind in the millions of earnings from this space! They have been able, why can’t you? But to start the first step, we suggest that you read this article to the end… maybe a spark was sparked in your mind!

designing a dedicated store site for the sale of game consoles

Since the number of gamers is increasing day by day and more people are attracted to exciting games, especially in the situation that Corona has created for society and youth and entertainment At least it has arrived! However, what is one of these minimal ways of entertainment?! Game consoles! So working on these consoles can be a very good idea for Design a dedicated store site and launch your online sales site! If you can focus on something more professional in this field, you will get results sooner! For example, you can only work on selling Sony game consoles!

Mobile or computer accessories store site design

If you have noticed that we have used the conjunction “or” between mobile phone and computer, this means, as said, work more professionally on a subject. To attract your special customer, and even more professionally, work only on the accessories of a special brand, for example, Xiaomi phones! Generally, users buy their mobile or laptop once for several years of use, but buying accessories is something they always need! So this idea has a lot of work…

designing a dedicated store site for selling all kinds of online education

These days, especially since the outbreak of the Corona virus, the Internet has become a main reference for all education! Even in the field of art or sports, which are very practical discussions! On the other hand, due to the lack of travel and cost reduction, this type of training has been welcomed by the people.

So selling education can be a very good idea for designing a dedicated store website! Language teaching is one of the educational things that, if you have enough expertise in it, will easily become a good source of income for you. Of course, if you have enough creativity and intelligence to provide different training, for example, on your online sales website, there are help files, different training resources, common phrases and common terms in English or any other language in which you specialize. put .

Site for online sale of second-hand goods

The economic situation of the society and the daily increase in the price of goods and equipment have caused most people to not have the financial ability to buy a new version of the equipment they need! Especially for devices such as mobile phones and laptops, which have become a necessary device for students despite the corona virus, some users generally prefer to pay less money to buy a specific product. On the other hand, some people are looking to sell their second-hand appliances for any reason…

All this has made the market of buying and selling second-hand appliances hot these days! Previously, the buying and selling of these goods was the responsibility of brokers, but now that the Internet plays a colorful role in all of our lives, brokers are no longer there, besides, there are no geographic restrictions for online brokers! And you can easily pocket a lot of money through this simple idea and creating a bridge for buying and selling second-hand appliances.

Production of real estate site content

Setting up an online pet shop with a dedicated store website design

After some time, pets are considered a member of that house until all the members of the house are aware of this lovely member! In big cities, you can usually find a pet shop in every area from which you can buy the necessary supplies, but in smaller cities, it is not possible to access a pet shop, or if there is, they probably don’t have all the necessary items. They don’t have!

On the other hand, in a city like Tehran with this heavy traffic, people prefer to buy even their daily necessities online! So online pet shop can be a good idea to start a successful internet store! A store that has everything from pet food to all the supplies you need to take care of these beloved little ones!

Sale file and Project and example of academic questions with the help of exclusive store website design

One of the most common and of course the simplest ideas for designing a dedicated store website at the moment is selling files, questions and academic projects. Especially with online classes, students of different disciplines are looking for sample questions and ready-made projects! In fact, selling articles, pamphlets, PowerPoint and audio files related to different fields, as well as placing audio books, motivational files and related materials in a file sales system, is one of the most suitable ideas for starting an internet business. You are in the web space.

As you know, the peak of student excitement is the exam season! And in these sweet days, students are looking for a reference so that they can find the most suitable sample questions in the least amount of time and have the necessary preparation for the exam! Your site should be the site that provides them with the most suitable source, of course you should know how to gain their trust so that they are willing to buy from your site! If you don’t know how to gain customer trust, you can get advice and guidance from a digital marketing company, we recommend I Vahid Digital Marketing Company!

Dear friends, you can contact us at Alfabab for designing a dedicated store website, the free consultation team of this The collection will help you design your desired site as quickly as possible! We help to implement your ideas!

Ecommerce site design is very important for a business and has many benefits. Here are some of these benefits:
  1. Easy access: by designing a store site, your customers can access your products and services easily and at any time they want. This will allow you to attract customers who previously did not access your store for some reason.
  2. Market scope: By designing a store site, you can sell to customers all over the world. This allows you to reach people who live far away from your store and offer your products to them.
  3. Cost reduction: Designing an online store will significantly reduce your costs. You don’t need to rent a physical space for the store, and you also save the costs of hiring store employees.
  4. Increasing sales: designing a store site allows you to display your products and services to your customers in an effective and attractive way. This will make more customers come to you and increase your sales.
  5. Data analysis: By designing a store site, you will be able to carefully check the data and statistics related to your customers and sales. This information can help you improve your marketing strategies and improve your sales process.
Considering the above advantages, designing a store site is very important and helps you to take your business to a higher level.