What does dedicated website design mean?

What is Custom Website Design? What is the difference between designing a dedicated site and other sites? How much does it cost to design a dedicated website? If you want to design a site to earn more income and brand your business, you often come across the term site design in a special way. Join us as we show you which types of businesses these sites are useful for and answer your questions. As a website design service center, Alfabab is by your side so that you can have a beautiful, attractive and efficient website at a fair cost. If you have decided to design a dedicated website or still need advice, contact us to help you!

Dedicated website design refers to the services and activities that are done to design, code and run a dedicated website. When we talk about a dedicated site, our goal is to implement the various demands of a client, such as having an excellent graphic appearance, high security, speed and proper user interface, and using the latest active technologies in the field of website design. With the help of Alfawab’s exclusive website design company, you can have the best website among active competitors quickly and according to the business you are offering.

Dedicated website design is more expensive than other website design methods, but it is worth all the time and money. In fact, a company or business with a professional activity that has many competitors can surpass the competitors with this method.

Many companies offer you quick and easy site building, but in all websites designed with a ready-made template, a code is used. It’s easy to spot because most of these sites look the same. But with the exclusive design and coding of the site, you can do anything so that your website has exceptional results for you and the site visitors. It is also possible to give a special appearance to the site to distinguish you from your competitors.

It means that you will not be involved in the rules and restrictions of a company by designing a website and with exclusive coding, and your personal ideas and tastes will be used.

We at Alefbaweb are trying to implement and design our own sites for you with much lower costs. We provide our services with the highest possible quality and the most fair costs, and all these actions are carried out by skilled professionals. Stay with us to provide you with more information about dedicated sites. To order and request a dedicated website design, contact us through the mentioned communication methods.



The difference between dedicated and semi-dedicated website design

Normally, to run a dedicated site, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET programming languages should be used. The way of coding and following its principles and the shortness of the codes have a great impact on the quality and speed of a site and it requires a lot of precision and experience. There is no limit in designing a dedicated website for the programmer, and apart from the features required by the site, he can also add custom features to it. A completely customized dedicated site is designed and whatever the customer wants and determined in the consultation sessions is implemented.

Exclusive website design in Alphabet

WordPress is a powerful content management system that is very popular. Website design with the help of WordPress does not require coding knowledge and is done with ready-made templates. In general, it is not recommended to design a WordPress website with ready-made templates for store sites that have a large variety of products.

paid fee

One of the most important points that must be resolved before designing a website is the amount of money you are willing to spend on designing and developing your site. You can decide whether the site is proprietary or WordPress based, according to your website design goals and the type of site that should be implemented, of course, you can also get advice from a website design company.

Site possibilities and their increase

If you are going to invest in your site, designing a dedicated website is suitable for you, because in designing a dedicated website, it is possible to add the latest features to the site and even choose custom features. In designing a WordPress website, your hands are not so open because considering that the template is ready and the site’s facilities are available through plugins that are already available and installed on the panel, it will bring limitations and not Ability to update or even customize the facilities on the site.

site preparation time

Designing a dedicated website is more expensive than designing a WordPress website, and it will take more time to design. So, if you are in a hurry or the cost of designing a dedicated website for your business is limited, it is better not to go for dedicated websites.

Marketing with dedicated website design

Currently, one-third of the world’s people use the Internet, and when someone is looking for a specific product or service online, he comes across a large list of various sites. This topic is very suitable for sites with high ranking and it means the growth and promotion of their businesses directly. In fact, with the help of site SEO principles and online marketing, you can market 24 hours a day without restrictions in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc., and introduce your brand and services to contacts who are looking for you. Internet marketing and introducing your site is cheaper than traditional methods of advertising such as television, magazines, billboards, printing brochures and tracts, and you can target a wider range and be more efficient. Keep in mind that you will never be able to offer your goods and services unless you constantly show your presence to the target audience.

Advantages of custom website design

Designing a dedicated website has more advantages than other sites, and your ideas and creativity are given importance here. Follow along with us to point out some of the benefits of designing a dedicated website:

The site should be designed so as not to confuse the user and show him what he needs to see in the shortest possible time. Sites that have a crowded and cluttered space are left by users, and this has a negative impact on site traffic.

What is the value of any site, even if it has the best content, the best graphics, etc., but no one sees them? The designed sites should be such that you can compete with the competitors and finally reach the first pages of Google. Site optimization refers to all the services and activities performed to obtain the site’s rank in Google and other search engines.

Page loading speed is very important to satisfy the visitor and welcome the page he is on. Therefore, in the design of dedicated sites, attention is paid to the appropriate loading speed.

In website design, the way of displaying information to the user should be taken into consideration. The site visitor should have access to the desired content in the shortest possible time. Also, the practicality of the site layout and the ease of accessing information are also very important.

Determining specific access levels based on different site members and site users is very important and should be considered

The number of users who use mobile phones and tablets to access information is increasing day by day. Proper loading of pages on mobile and smart phones will be very important.

Site security tips are very important, which must be followed in designing a dedicated website. SSL certificate in website design is one of these things.

For whom and what jobs is website design useful?

Specialized store website design

Currently, many people search on Google before buying a product or service. By introducing your product or service in the design of a store website for your business, find customers and speed up your sales and increase your income. Not needing physical presence, getting rid of rent, water, electricity, gas, taxes, sales volume, etc. are all advantages of store website design.

Specialized tourism website design

The design of tourist and tourism websites is suitable for providing comprehensive and detailed information and explanations about natural, historical and ancient, religious and pilgrimage places and sights, and in addition to providing news about agencies and the cost of travel tours, travel plans buses and trains and introduction of hotels and accommodation centers and reputable restaurants and important shopping centers.

autobar and freight website design at reasonable cost

One of the best ways of marketing for this category of businesses is to display their facilities and services in the virtual and internet world, which is possible through the design of the Autobar and Barri website. The design of the exclusive website of Barbari is done at Alfawab with reasonable and cheap cost.

Designing a dedicated restaurant, coffee shop, fast food website

Even if you own a restaurant, fast food or coffee shop, you can use website design to increase your credibility and also find new customers. You can even place online orders for customers on the website and encourage them to use your services.

Company dedicated website design

A corporate site is designed to introduce and display the portfolio and services of an institution or company. Due to the high use of the Internet by users, having a dedicated website for companies shows its importance and makes you proud in the competition as long as you have a suitable website with basic SEO. Mobile Application Design

Designing a dedicated website is usually a set of activities related to the design and development of a website that is exclusively designed for a specific company or organization. In this type of website design, all the needs and requirements of the customer are considered and the site is designed and implemented based on it.

The first step in designing a dedicated website is to analyze the customer’s needs and requirements. At this stage, the design and development team communicates with the client and reviews the needs, purpose and content of the site. This information is used as a guide for website design.

In the next step, site designers design pages and graphic components of the site. They use web design software and graphic tools to design the look of the website. At this stage, points such as user experience, responsive design and compliance with web design standards are considered.

After designing, it is time to develop and program the website. At this stage, HTML, CSS and JavaScript are coded so that the website has the required features. Also, extensions and other tools such as database, content management system and security systems are also added at this stage.

After the development process is completed, the site is ready for review and testing. This includes checking the performance of the website in different browsers, testing the performance and loading speed of the pages. If necessary, additional changes and improvements are applied.

Finally, after the development and testing process is completed, the website is delivered to the client. At this point, the website is fully accessible and usable and the customer can launch it for their audience. Custom website design allows clients to set up a unique and fully customizable site. This allows companies and organizations to create a suitable and professional website based on their needs and limitations.

Important points in designing a dedicated website

Paying attention to the things that we mention in the following will lead to having an excellent site that can improve your business in an amazing way. Ignoring website design will remove you from the competition and ultimately limit you to the same customers you had before.

User Experience

The first goal of designing a dedicated website is to provide a good user experience, which means that you should review your site from the user’s point of view so that his experience of viewing and working with your site is enjoyable. You must make sure that the user can easily use your site and has access to important parts of the site, all the texts are clear and understandable for him and your site is visually attractive. Many of the tips in this article are part of a good user experience.


As we said a little earlier, SEO means designing your site and running programs on it that can get high rankings in Google. Millions of searches are done on the Internet every day, a huge part of which is done with the help of Google. These searches are very different and definitely in your field of work. If you have a mobile online store, someone who searches for the phrase “mobile shopping” is an ideal user for you. Being on Google can be a great way to increase your site’s traffic and sales. But for this purpose, first of all, it is necessary for your site to comply with all the standards and principles that are important for search engines.

6 features and tips that are important in website design

Observing these tips and principles in website design will make your site more effective on the audience and will get better rankings in Google.

High speed of the site (Page Speed)

Users are those who don't understand the meaning of waiting very well and value only getting to the desired content in a fraction of a second, so when a user has to wait a long time for your site to be displayed, he quickly leaves the site and goes to Another site goes. This has a direct impact on your site's ranking in Google.

Dynamic site

Site dynamics is one of the basic concepts in website design, which is very important to know. When your site is dynamic, its different parts are connected to each other. That means, for example, when you publish a new article on your blog, this article will also be displayed on the main page of your site.

Responsiveness or reactivity of the site

Responsiveness means that your site adapts to all screen sizes (computers, tablets and mobile phones). This feature makes it easy for anyone with any device to use your site.

The possibility of blogging on the site

Content is an integral part of the Internet world. When you have educational content about your business on your site, users trust you more easily. But in order to be able to publish articles on your site, it is necessary that your site supports blogging. So, if you intend to have a serious presence in the Internet world and not just introduce yourself, make sure that your site has a blog.

Clean coding of the site template

The last issue that is good to pay attention to is the coding of the template. The cleaner and better written a template is, the easier it will be to develop and the less bugs it will encounter. In addition, good coding and following the right principles will lead to a better ranking in Google. Of course, checking this issue may not be very easy and you don't really need to spend a lot of time on it. Just be sure that a professional team builds your site.

Appearance design of the site (User Interface)

The appearance of your site is very important. The appearance is the first thing that attracts the attention of users and can have a significant impact on them. So you should pay special attention to it.

Website design and tips you should know before ordering

Designing a dedicated website takes more time and costs more. You can tell the site designer to add any features you want to your site. If you have a company or a large collection, it is better to design your site specifically.

Using the CMS system and its features

  • Less cost and time is spent on website design.
  • With very beautiful and free templates and themes
  • No need for programming knowledge
  • Responsiveness of WordPress templates
  • Suitable for any type of site
  • With various plugins and extensions
The content management system or CMS has ready-made templates for website design, the most famous of which are WordPress and Joomla. In addition to these advantages, the CMS system also has disadvantages. Like:
  • Reduce system speed
  • WordPress being open source

Have you specified your site type?

In the first step, you must specify the type of your business and be able to express your purpose of designing a dedicated website. There are many types of sites that are designed according to the type of your business. Try to keep your website design plan in mind, even put it on paper and draw it so that the appearance of your site and its features are placed on the site as you intend. You can give your desired map to the site designer and make this map better and more complete with his suggestions. In the following, we refer to the facilities that improve the quality of designing a dedicated website:
  • Social network icons with links on the site
  • Call to Action instructions on the site that encourage the customer to do the work and are effective in marketing.
  • Creating “Contact Us” and “About Us” pages
  • Focus on site SEO
  • Using a map or navigation for ease of use by users and increasing the site’s ranking in Google
  • Provision of SSL certificate to create site security
  • Responsive site
  • Frequently asked questions with brief and useful answers for users

The importance of site design and appearance

At the time of website design, you should consider the appropriate design of your site, but it is better not to rush in this field. You can consult the website design team about the website design, because they will give you good suggestions based on the projects they have experienced.

You must prepare the desired domain before the end of your project. It is better to buy and register the domain with your information.

Before starting the website design process, prepare your logo and deliver it to the design team with a quality file saved in the folder. Sometimes the logo of any company is used to design the appearance of the site and coordinate the colors of its different sections.

The “Contact Us” page will include communication channels between you and your customers, which can include phone numbers, email addresses, faxes, addresses and locations, etc. You must provide all the information needed for these two pages in a concise and useful manner to the website design team that is ready.

With the help of the “About Us” page, users will get to know your company or organization and the services provided, as well as your work history, and in this way users can gain trust in the site.

You should define the main groupings of your company’s products or services and provide the website design company with hassle-free and quick placement of your products or services in their respective groups. Since the design team needs some of this information to test the site, product grouping and related information should be provided to them.

If you want your site to have blog or news pages, the contents of these pages must be ready so that when these pages are ready, the contents will be recorded in them.

If you want your site page to have advertising texts or special writing and use banners on the site, you should prepare them as soon as possible and hand the design team to place these texts and banners in different parts of the site.

The content of a site includes related images and videos. You must collect images related to the company, employees, products, services, etc. and publish the images on the site as soon as possible after the dimensions of the images are determined after the website design is completed.

Determining the amount of budget that is going to be spent on website design makes it easier to choose the type of system for your website design and to achieve results much sooner. You can see the design of the website as an investment that if all the steps are done properly, you can earn a high income through it in the future.

Have you ever thought about who visits your site? Paying attention to customers and researching them is very important and can help attract users. You should know which age groups your products or activities are suitable for, or which groups are more in favor of your activities and are familiar with them. When the target customers of the site are determined, the appearance of the site is designed according to the taste of the target audience and the facilities needed by that group are placed on the site.

Have you specified your site type?

The cost of designing a dedicated website depends on the facilities and features you want from the site. So there is no fixed cost for this plan, and one of the main factors influencing the cost of website design is the site’s facilities. The first step to design a website is to determine the features. According to these features, the required cost of designing a dedicated website can be determined to a large extent. Each section in designing a dedicated website has a certain cost, and the more features and plugins your website design has, the more its cost will increase. As it is known, the cost of designing an online store is not the same as the cost of designing a corporate website and introducing products.

According to the facilities provided in website design, the type and graphic structure of the site has a direct impact on the final cost of website design. The more professional graphics are done in website design, the higher the cost of website design.

The size of the site is measured according to the number of menus and pages. The bigger the site, the higher the cost of website design.

For more information on website design and cost, you can contact our consultants at Alfawab website design company. Our specialists at Alphabet website design company can design your exclusive website according to your needs and at a fair cost.