What is corporate website design?

What is corporate website design? How much does website design cost for a collection or company? What are the stages of designing a corporate website and where should you go to promote your business in the digital space? These are the questions you ask us, join us to convey the new and up-to-date information we have prepared.

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If your goal of designing a website is to compete with competing websites and companies, corporate website design will be the key to your success. In corporate site design projects, in addition to the visual and graphic beauty of the site, your needs and tastes are also considered, and the basic principles of improving the site’s ranking are implemented in the best possible way based on the type of your activity.

A company spends money to design a website to introduce its products and services. Things that companies should pay a lot of attention to, preparation of sufficient information and production of information required by the site will play a key role in the success of the site, so it is necessary for companies to spend time and collect the information required by the site and whatever If this information is more complete, it will have a greater impact on the success of the site.

If the audience comes across a site that does not have enough information, it may damage the reputation of the partners. A site that provides more complete, more useful and better quality content to its audience will get a better rank in engines and more success will be given to that site, and in fact, the existence of sufficient content is one of the most important issues of sites.

Corporate website design is a good way to communicate with the audience. In fact, introducing products on the corporate website is a very effective internet marketing.

Why corporate website design can help promote your business

In the following, we will introduce you to the benefits of having a corporate website and designing a corporate website. Now in full to the question of this article, why should we have a website? We answer.

It is one of the most up-to-date and efficient methods of online advertising

One of the most important marketing strategies is website design and activity on your site ranking or SEO. When a product or information is searched on the Internet, from the first to the fifth site that the browser shows us, we choose to click. After searching for you and seeing you in the first 5 lines of the first page of Google, the audience trusts you and buys.

The site can be used by everyone

Now everyone with any level of literacy and knowledge uses the Internet, so all contacts exist in cyberspace and Google. In this case, you can find and attract the audience by producing suitable and attractive content. Respect your audience by designing a corporate website.

Get customer information easily!

Think you have your information in a party, event, festival, exhibition and… You have given to the contact and he does not write down your information at that moment. You have given the audience your name, contact number, address, etc., but after the ceremony, how many minutes will this information remain in the audience’s mind, except for your name and your profession? After forgetting your information, the audience searches your name on the internet and does not see any information about you, they forget you completely.

You can have a section on your site where the contact can register. In this section, you can get information such as: first name, last name, email and phone number of the contact. With the help of marketing, you have managed to get information from the audience and you can contact them whenever you want and sell your product to them.


It gives you credibility

When we are looking for something on the Internet and we come across a site that provides us with useful information about what we need, we will have more trust in that site and will benefit from that site in subsequent searches or even purchases. we will be.

Imagine that you have not yet designed a website for your business. A contact who intends to use your services takes help from the internet and does not find any sign of you. He asks himself why a business doesn’t have a website with minimal features in these internet days? This makes it possible to prioritize your competitors who use the site.


Ease of use of services for users

With the current conditions of air pollution, many illnesses, laziness in shopping, not having enough time to visit stores, the right to choose more, few people go to walk the streets and search for a product that we don’t know which side of the city. is going Or even you are the seller of a particular product and this product cannot be found in a city, don’t others have to buy from you? The statistics of online shopping are much higher than we know.

Find new contacts!

You have had a number of contacts in your company or your store and shop that were either transitory or permanent, by having a website you can attract new contacts to your physical location. Those who didn’t know you before and didn’t buy from you can easily get to know your business with a Google search and become your regular contacts.

Show off the variety of your services and products!

It must have happened that you have to discuss with the audience about the color and type of product, the quality or your service. By having a site, you can easily reduce these conversations. You can easily tell the audience that whatever they want is available on the site. You can put all kinds of products with various services on the site and compete with competitors.

Many customers who need your products are not compatible with your working hours and cannot visit you during those hours. A site can make it possible for you to be available to your contacts 24 hours a day.

If you are not in the online world, little by little your competitors will take your place! So protect your stronghold by designing a corporate website!

Alphabet website design company pays attention to these features and uses the most up-to-date images and content; In addition to the mentioned items, Alfaboob company will also implement other sections in a customized and exclusive manner according to the needs and wishes of its contacts.

Company site features

At the time of site design, according to the type of site activity, facilities should be applied. What are the things required for corporate website design?

Corporate website design goals

The most important goal of corporate website design can be to achieve internet marketing goals. As a result, if the design of your website is done in a principled way, it can play a big role in converting visitors into audiences. In addition, building a company website can help you in branding, which is one of the biggest goals of companies. For this, you should try to get the site to the first page of Google so that your contacts can find you more easily.

SEO and optimization in corporate site design

Because many contacts searched on the Internet and search engines like Google before buying; SEO is very important. Therefore, in designing the site, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the site is designed based on the principles of SEO, so that after entering the content of the site or the information of the products, the link of your site will be displayed in the search results.

Alphabet website design company designed the site based on the principles of corporate site SEO, and after entering the content of the site, there will be no problem in terms of SEO or site optimization.

Characteristics of the corporate site

If you don’t know anything about the features and factors of website design, stay with us in the rest of the article, because we want to point out the features of a successful corporate website.

SEO puts your site at the top of the search results or removes it from the competition. In the design of the company website, all the principles related to SEO are observed so that you can be on the first page of search engines by producing suitable and quality content.


Responsiveness is another very important feature of corporate website design. A responsive site is fully displayed on all digital devices, especially mobile. Failure to pay attention to this factor can cause you to lose many of your contacts.

Good hosting

In simple terms, hosting is a virtual host that holds all the information and data of your site. Uptime, load speed, security, etc. are factors that are directly related to hosting.

High loading speed

The best time to load a page on the Internet is less than 5 seconds. Contacts are not willing to wait and close the slow site. Proper loading speed is one of the other factors that should be taken into account when designing a corporate website or any other website.

Design and appearance

The design and format of your site shows the audience who you are at first glance! The design of the corporate website should be beautiful and simple according to the work environment, so that the audience can easily familiarize themselves with your products and services after entering the site.

Simple map

From the first moment the audience enters your site, chooses the service or products they want, reads its features, until when they intend to buy the product or receive the service and pay for it, they should have a very simple roadmap. be Pay attention to this point in the design of the corporate website that the audience may be from any class and group and they should be able to easily choose their services from your website.

The possibility of publishing content on social pages

In order for your company site to get the best and most appropriate results, it must be able to interact with other virtual and social pages. In order for the audience to be able to share your page on social pages if they wish, and vice versa, the audience of your virtual page can enter your website with the help of the bio link.

Display important information in main sections

The important information of your products and services should be easily exposed to the audience. If you provide a specific service or sell a specific product, the contacts should see them with a simple tour of the site and get familiar with its features.

High security of corporate website design

It is very likely that you will find the need for banking and online shopping and payment portals in your corporate website design. Also, without a doubt, you have confidential and important information that you should be careful enough to keep. Therefore, security is another important factor that you should pay attention to in website design.


Uptime is the time when your site is accessible. It is possible for any site to encounter errors and problems due to any reason and be unavailable for a limited period of time. Professional corporate website design should be able to reduce this time to the lowest possible amount.

How to have a successful corporate website?

It can be said that one of the common goals for corporate website design is to introduce services and products. Because with the help of website design, you will increase the interaction of more contacts. Because in this way you can provide more and faster services to your contacts. One of the wrong views that some managers and business owners have is that only having a corporate website will increase sales and success. If, in addition to having a suitable company site, you should get help from business consultants, SEO and content production and marketing experts. You must be able to have a successful marketing and this marketing can be done in different fields.

The characteristics of a successful corporate website can be having beautiful, principled and official graphics, having a blog section, being responsive or reactive, following the general principles of SEO and producing regular and exclusive content on a daily basis or in certain time frames, using High quality and optimized images for mentioned products. These are the general characteristics of a corporate website, but to succeed in a successful corporate business, different strategies must be considered for managing the website.

After setting up and designing the corporate website and working on the content and SEO of the site, you should enter the topic of marketing. Marketing can be physical and virtual. With the help of marketing, you should direct people and contacts to your site who are looking to buy products similar to yours, and another thing is that you can put special offers on your site to encourage the audience to buy. . In this case, you will increase your online sales and have a successful website.

Advantages of corporate website design

Audience-based approach

Having a website allows you to drive more contacts to you. Since your site is active 24 hours a day, you can attract audience even at unusual hours. Also, you can customize your site for the contacts you have information about.

Demographic data

Having good information about who the target audience is and what their needs are is an important aspect of marketing for a business. Having a corporate website with free tools like Google Analytics can help determine your business’s marketing positioning. Tools like Google Analytics can provide you with a lot of information. This type of marketing data is useful for growing your business.

Many costs are eliminated by designing a corporate website!

Unlike print media, it is easy to make changes and update the site. In addition, the cost of changing the content on the site is measured only with the help of time, while the cost of changing the content of printed media includes time and material costs. A site with a good design and basic content can act as a supplement to print marketing. Contacts can watch the catalog, pictures or video with the help of your site.

Increase your credibility with corporate website design!

Having a well-designed and professional website gives your business credibility. Well-written content engages your audience and encourages them to check out your site and learn more about your business. Most people are looking for services and products on the web. If you don’t have a company site and don’t take your presence on the web seriously, you are giving away your business to your competitors. So don’t take the opportunity to progress by designing a corporate website.

Ease of interaction with the audience

Many people think that a site is a place to put information, but the core of a well-designed and maintained site is much broader than that. A site provides you with the necessary opportunity to get to know your contacts better with the help of social networks and blogs and provides you with more information about your contacts.

With the help of corporate website design and having a beautiful and efficient website, people will communicate with you more easily and are more likely to remain an audience. You can also design the contents of your site according to the needs of the audience. This will attract more visitors to your site because they are likely to share the information of interest on social networks.

Unlimited time and place access to the audience

Almost everything is available on the Internet 24 hours a day. Contacts can buy or communicate with your business with the help of the site at any time and from anywhere. It is possible that potential contacts need a specific service or product, but cannot get it during normal hours of the day. If you have a website, you will be available for contacts at all hours of the day and night.

Marketing results and more sales

With corporate website design, many marketing opportunities are opened to you. Designing a corporate website helps to strengthen your online presence and makes you visible on the web. As a result, the potential contacts of your business will increase.

An online presence on the Internet allows people to sell products and services at any time and in any place, which increases the possibility of gaining new contacts and has a great impact on your sales.

Broader target market

Having a website provides a platform for selling products and offering services and provides a wider target market. When a business offers products or services; Having a site ensures that access to those products or services is not limited by time or place.

Corporate website design can be used for any type of business. But the most use of corporate website design is seen in the service industry, online stores, manufacturing and industrial companies, consulting companies and startups. In addition, a company website is also very useful for launching a brand and communicating with customers and audiences.

We are a professional and experienced team in designing and developing corporate websites and we are ready to help you build a beautiful, user-friendly and unique website. The design of a corporate website is influenced by many factors that you should pay attention to. The first point of contact with your customers is through your website, so you need to provide a unique user experience. Also, a professional website should fully represent your company’s identity and values.

We offer a unique and customized design according to your needs and business strategy. From the design of the template and the amazing appearance to the development of the appropriate and optimal code to run on all devices, we check all the details.

Due to the increase in the use of mobile phones to access the Internet, the development of responsive websites is very important. We guarantee that your website will display correctly on all devices, including computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Also, for the pagination of your website, we use SEO search optimization techniques so that your website gets the highest rank in search engines and can be easily found. If you want to have a professional and attractive corporate website, contact us. We look forward to working with you to design the best website for your company.

How much does it cost to design a corporate website?

The cost of designing a corporate website is very different because the work of designing and developing a website is a very qualitative work. To answer why this is the case, you must closely observe the process of designing a website from the beginning to the end, then you will understand that the price of designing a corporate website is determined based on various factors.

There are factors to determine the cost of designing a corporate website, the most important of which are the following:

  1. Great user interface
  2. support services
  3. Exclusive design
  4. Programming language
  5. Domain and hosting
  6. Project delivery time

The cost of website design is announced to the audience by considering the above factors. If the contacts request more facilities and services in the design, according to the duration of the website design project and the type of design, the cost of the website design will be determined. Our suggestion is to check the important factors of website design cost estimation before designing the website and then have the best and most affordable corporate website design for your business.

Four reasons why you should trust Alphabet for designing a company website

Your site will be reliable

Even if you build the site yourself, it may not be a reliable site. Because you are not a website design expert, you will not notice the site’s security bugs. Alphabet checks your websites many times in terms of security and uses only reliable and reliable hosts and domains. To design a corporate website with high security, only get help from Alfawab!

It saves you time

In corporate website design, we do all the planning of your website improvement and all these operations are done by a professional and skilled team. Due to Alphabet’s high work experience, the services provided are accompanied by maintaining quality and speed.

The site will be faster

A site alone cannot function like a site with proper plugins and tools. A successful website design company like Alfabab knows how to get help from all the tools on time so that your site is one of the most updated and successful sites in your field.

You will appear trustworthy

It is very important for the audience to know that there is a reliable company on the other side of the site. A site that is hastily built or not built properly will not give them anything. Alfawab helps you to create a good and functional site with a work experience and many successful examples. If they see a site that they like, they will feel better about interacting with your business.

Contact us now to place an order and request a corporate website design.