What is application design?

What is application design? Why should we design an application for our business? Is the website better or the app? How much does it cost to design and build an application? These are the questions that we want to answer in this article.

What application do you use most during the day? Instagram? snap? Akala? Imagine your life without apps for a moment. The world without applications is unimaginable at all! Especially these days when all of us do not put down our mobile phones for a moment. If the idea of designing an application comes to your mind, stay with us to see how an application can be useful for promoting your business!

The expansion of applications in all areas has a clear meaning, good marketer! There are many and varied applications that help us to do our work faster, have fun and reach a goal with their help!

Why application design should be one of the priorities?

Today, mobile applications play a big role in the development of businesses. They have become the golden key of marketing and the strength of businesses. Designing mobile applications will increase the participation of audiences and customers. This is because smartphones are always available to users and it provides the possibility for business owners to always be in sight of customers and increase their interactions.

But how can you be more accessible to customers just by designing an application? Here we mention the impact of application notifications for the audience. Sending a message keeps the relationship with the customer and reminds him that you are always available, which psychologically has a positive effect on the customer’s trust in your collection.

What is meant by application design?

People are using mobile phones now more than ever. Statistics show that everyone spends an average of 5 hours a day with this magic piece, and most of this time is spent browsing various applications and sites. The turnover of the mobile application industry in the past years has been amazing and this has made business owners and people who have an idea to design an application. Businesses have prioritized application development to increase their income, and the demand for application developers and designers is increasing every day.

In the following, we will get acquainted with 4 reasons that prove that you need to design an application for your business:

Permanent connection with the customer!

Businesses that understand the importance of building loyalty are a few steps ahead of other businesses. Location-based application design is also associated with marketing and customer loyalty goals.

Imagine that your customer has your application on his mobile phone and receives a notification that offers him special offers. This can bring customers back to the collection and is a marketing method for your business.

A permanent link means customer loyalty to your business, which is not easily achieved. Your customer can be satisfied with you, but loyalty is a concept beyond satisfaction that needs to be planned and paid for, and instead you have many customers who are not willing to exchange you with anyone else.

Mobile is always with us, so be closer to it by designing an application!

Today, mobile phones are a big part of people’s daily lives. When we leave the house without a mobile phone and forget to pick up our phone, we will be tired all day and the absence of our assistant will affect our day.

The same assistant that reminds us of our daily tasks, records our expenses, takes an online taxi, buys food through online ordering, and orders our necessities from the online store. So mobile is our friend these days and it is with us everywhere.

Direct and direct marketing with customers from the blessings of application design

By designing the application, you will try to design a private channel to directly interact with customers and present your products and services in an integrated manner.

Boundless communication with application design

It is a common way to communicate with the customer via SMS or email. Have you ever thought about relationship management with potential customers? A customer who is familiar with your business but has not yet used your services and products and has not subscribed to your newsletter! How do you communicate with such a customer and inform him of the special offers of your collection? At this time, sending a notification will be the key to solving your problem.

Types of applications

 When we say application, we mean a product that we can download from mobile application stores – Google Play or App Store. The types of mobile applications are divided into 2 categories in terms of thematic and technical aspects, each of which has different types:

Technical classification of mobile applications

Web-based mobile application

All types of mobile applications can be accessed through a mobile browser – in fact, they are responsive sites that are compatible with the audience’s mobile.

If you decide to create a web application, you will no longer need multiple developers like native applications. Instead of creating multiple products, the developer creates one app that runs on almost all mobiles.

Some developers turn to web apps because they don’t want to be tied to app stores and their rules. There are stories online by developers who complain that their apps have been removed from stores for no apparent reason and this can lead to a loss of capital. Web-based mobile applications work similarly to native mobile applications. This type of mobile application behaves like a native application and provides an application-like experience in the browser.

These programs are created for a specific operating system and that is why they are called native applications because they are only for a specific operating system. If you create an iOS app, your Android audience won’t be able to use it, and vice versa. For example, Club House is a program that is specific to the iOS operating system.

If you decide to build an app for multiple operating systems, you usually need separate developers. Because the programming language used for different operating systems is not the same. Android apps can be coded with the help of Java or Kotlin, while iOS developers use Objective-C or Swift, and Windows apps need to be coded in C# or .NET.

These operating systems have different graphic styles, visual effects, typography, etc. So, while developing a native app, a developer must follow the operating system specific guidelines.

Hybrid applications

The name of hybrid apps reflects their functionality – these types of mobile apps are a combination of native and web-based apps. They look and act exactly like native apps, but are developed with the help of cross-platform web technologies.

A hybrid program can be used on different operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows. Some well-known applications are actually hybrid applications; Like Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, Snap.



Thematic classification of types of mobile Applications

Mobile social media applications

Social network applications are among the most popular types of mobile applications available. We want to have the ease of access of an application. Mobile social media apps must be fun, fast, and constantly integrated with the ever-expanding features of the social networks they support.

If you’re offering a service or selling a product that your audience can share with their networks, add social sharing features to your app. This feature has made your audience share time and time again compared to their networks. Some examples of common applications in social networks are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat

Mobile applications with lifestyle

A lifestyle app is an app that accelerates or supports the individual aspects that define your lifestyle. This type of mobile applications is related to the following:

  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Music
  • traveling

Mobile games/entertainment

The games and entertainment category is very popular and thus very competitive. These types of programs are popular among developers because they bring the audience back to the program several times a week, sometimes several times a day. Some examples of mobile game applications are:

  • Royal Clash
  • angry Birds

Functional applications

Functional applications are applications that we can use without thinking. Many of them are already installed on your mobile phone and have the same functionality. Some examples of types of mobile applications in the category of practical applications are:

  • Reminders and calendar
  • calculator
  • flashlight
  • weather

News/media, mobile applications

News applications are quite simple and provide the news and information they want with an understandable layout. Examples of popular news mobile applications include:

  • Buzzfeed
  • Google news and weather
  • Reddit

Mobile application to increase productivity

These types of programs help their audience to do a task quickly and efficiently and sometimes make mundane tasks easier. Examples of productivity applications are many Google and Apple products, such as:

Apps for managing wallets and financial resources

These types of programs are important when doing the job correctly. This means that it helps its audience to do a task easier, faster and more efficiently than competitors.

iOS application design

Unlike Google Play where you can assign only one category to an app, you can add two categories to your iOS app – primary and secondary. For example, if you have a diet plan, you can set your main category to be “Food & Drink” and your secondary category to be “Health & Fitness” or vice versa, depending on the specifics of the app and your placement.

While deciding on a category, Apple suggests keeping in mind the purpose of your app when choosing a category. It is also important to understand your audience, how they search for programs and where they do it.

Android application design

When you look at the bottom navigation bar in Google Play, you will see that there are 4 tabs available – Games, Apps, Movies and Books. This menu helps the audience to find the program they need faster and easier.

In the variety of mobile apps, you have to choose from 32 categories including Business, Events, Communication, Parenting, Productivity, Sports, Gadgets, Lifestyle, Education, Entertainment, Photography and more. Choose the category that is most relevant to your application. For example, in the “Tools” section, you will find calculators, memory cleaners, audio recording applications, VPN products, browsers, etc.

Introducing 3 ways to earn money with applications

Free apps with ads

These types of mobile applications do not charge any fees and do not have a premium version; But they dedicate part of the program to marketing and directly receive their income from marketing networks. For example, you have come across ads many times while playing an app.

Paid download applications

These types of applications can be downloaded for a fee, and when new features and new features are created, your application will be updated for free. However, in order for these applications to be sold, it must be convincing for the audience and worth buying and installing.

In-app/subscription applications

In this way, the audience installs the free version of the application in the application stores. But to use the special features, they have to get the premium or paid version. In this way, they deposit an amount to the account of the application creator and use its paid version.

In the paid version, more features are added to the application. Its speed and efficiency will be improved or new content will be added. The price of premium versions is usually fixed, but in some applications, the fee is charged monthly or several months.

How much money can a mobile app earn?

Below are some strategies that you can use to increase the amount of money earned with the application.

Which of the mobile platforms can make more money?

What idea do you have? Do you need an application for your idea? The first question that comes to your mind is which platform is right for you? According to the market penetration in the platform, Android and iOS platforms have different revenues. Therefore, when choosing a platform, you should pay attention to factors such as operating system penetration, target audience and categories.

Application design or website design?

At the very beginning, let’s mention that having a website has a higher priority than an application. We do not mean that one of them is enough, but to start work, you must first have a site for your business, then after you are known for your products and services, create an application.

Many people are looking for services or products in search engines, so having a site here can be very useful and vital if you do SEO on your site and it is on the first page of Google without Doubt, the audience will return to your site.

But if you only have an app for yourself, most of the audience will be unaware of its existence, unless you do extensive marketing, which requires a huge amount of money. You can have a site for yourself with minimal capital and advertise your application there. So, so far, we have understood that having a website can be an effective application advertisement.

The next thing is that many people do not trust the applications because they are not registered in a specific authority, but if your site is in the right position and on the first page of Google, they will be more confident. Updating sites and adding new content to sites is done without worry, but in updating applications or correcting a mistake, you have to inform your audience to update the application, which many audiences do. do not do


The first step of the application development and design process is to define the strategy of evolving your idea into a successful application. You can incorporate a significant portion of this into your company’s overall mobility strategy. Since the goals of one program are different from another, there is still a program-specific influence on the mobility strategy to be resolved in the development stages.

Analysis and planning

After you know your application requirements, create a product roadmap. This includes prioritizing application requirements and grouping them into delivery milestones. If time, resources, or costs are concerns, then at least define your ideal product and make it a priority for the initial launch. Part of the planning phase involves identifying the skills needed for your program development initiative.

UI/UX Design

The goal of designing an app is to provide seamless and hassle-free audience experiences with a polished look. The success of an application is determined by the acceptance and benefit of the audience from all its features. The goal of UI / UX design is to create great audience experiences that make your app interactive, visual and attractive.

Program development

Planning is an inseparable part of this stage in the application development process. Before you start programming you should:

  • Define technical architecture.
  • Choose a technology stack.
  • Define development milestones.

Final Test

Conducting full quality assurance testing during the application design process makes the applications stable, usable and secure. To ensure comprehensive quality testing of your application, you must first prepare test cases that address all aspects of application testing.

Advantages of application design

Maintain your relationship with the customer

Your business app always reminds the customer of your name.

Get ahead of your competitors

By placing your business on the customer’s mobile phone, you stand out from the competition and this can be one of the most important advantages of app design.

sales increase

The business application turns your customers into your business ambassadors.

Marketing costs are reduced

The cost of marketing and printing the catalog is removed and your digital catalog is placed on the customer’s mobile phone.

Instant update

Customers can see the updated list of your products and services at any moment and learn about your latest news.

Enhance your brand image

A dedicated application for your business shows that it is up-to-date and attracts today’s customers.

Important points in application design

To design a professional application, you must follow a series of standards. These standards will increase the success rate of your application many times over than normal. In the following, we are going to explain to you the points that are needed for designing a professional application.

Application logo and name

Choosing a logo and name is very important for designing an application. The name and logo should be selected in harmony with the application and the content in the application. As soon as the audience sees the logo or hears the name of the application, they can understand the field of activity, content and performance of the application. If you act in this way, you can be sure that you will eventually achieve great success and the durability of your brand will increase in the minds of the audience.

Professional server for application

Many people use hosting to design their application, but I must mention here that if you use a strong server, the speed of opening the application will be much higher compared to hosting. In addition, strong support for your application will help you to perform better and increase the speed of execution of instructions.

High download speed of the application

When your application starts running, it has to load and download some files to start its work, which causes slow loading speed. One of the solutions to reduce the speed is to reduce the size of existing files, but the most important issue is the type of application programming language that can affect the speed. They are professional.

You may not know, but high speed is very important for application design, because if too much time passes in the application, the audience will quickly leave the application. To better understand this issue, the article has examined the best features of Android and iOS application design.

Choosing the appropriate font size for the application

Improper font size or excessive use of large fonts in the application makes the eyes of the viewer tired and the audience leaves the application environment quickly.

Appropriate use of application images

Using complex and busy effects in addition to distracting the attention of the audience makes your application heavy in terms of application. The best solution to display important content is to use images. Research has shown that the audience prefers images to texts.

Create a professional application interface

You should do all your efforts in designing the store application so that the audience feels comfortable. Among other things, minimize receiving information from the audience and don’t ask for unimportant information, you should get help from validations. This allows you to get the information you want without the slightest error.

Also, the application environment should be completely simple and comprehensible for the audience and it should be easy to communicate with the application. The audience should be able to work with the application without special training and benefit from its different parts properly.

Considering the purpose in designing the store application and the audience

To design the application, first, you must answer several important questions carefully and obsessively:

  • Who is likely to use the application?
  • Where is the social status of most users in society?
  • What are his expectations from the application?
  • What is the need of the audience and at what level?
  • What does the application help them?
  • Having the right volume

How many times have you given up downloading an application because of not having enough space? An application with the right size can be loaded easily and its download speed is reduced, and also many audiences will want to install it.

Higher and better features than similar applications

To design the application, providing better and higher features compared to similar applications will attract more audiences. These facilities can be provided at the management level and make things easier. Professional applications can handle accounting, transportation, wallet, two-step payment, etc. and save you from spending money. Save more and manpower.

We at Alfaba Web Collection analyze and check all similar applications and your competitors in the first stage and we extract a special graphic notebook from the analysis of competitors until reaching the final design, which is the result of market analysis, our team’s guidance and your taste. With this graphic notebook, you can feel at ease about the work output, everything is clear and goes according to plan.

This point is our most important distinction in the design of exclusive applications.

Application plugin suitable for the audience

A successful application is not an add-on and an additional burden for the audience to force them to be cautious about using data or spending energy on their devices such as mobile phones or tablets. The slowness or the occurrence of problems in the mobile phone of the audience does not stop them from using the application.

Application design price

In the application design process, many factors affect the application design cost. Considering the difference between Android and IOS platforms, it is important to specify it in the first step. The cost of designing an Android application is different compared to IOS. Application design technologies are also different, and coding based on Native or MultiPlatform also affects the cost of application design.

Things like special modules such as GPS, Notification, SMS, exclusive design, auxiliary applications, etc. have an impact on the cost of designing applications. Subjects such as UI and UX are among the important subjects that depend on the type of your business and the requests you see for special orders, they will have the possibility of increasing costs. Definitely, special attention to the appearance and beautiful and professional animations will improve your customer’s experience in using the application.

Specific and different features are another issue in costs. According to the request of the employer and the facilities requested for the project, there are many variations in it. Requested features will have a direct impact on the cost of designing your requested application.

Are you looking for an application that will take your business to the next level and make it grow and develop? We are here to help you! Due to the ever-increasing growth of technology and the widespread use of smartphones, having an application for your business has become a necessity. This application can be the best way to communicate with your customers, sell your products and services and increase your income.

Contact us so that we can hear your needs and goals and based on them, design and develop a unique application for your business. Our team is made up of professional and skilled developers in the field of building applications and we are familiar with web design and new technologies. By having a dedicated application, you will be able to communicate with your customers at all times and places. Also, inform your customers with news and special discounts and encourage them to buy from you. Also, you can easily track your customers through the application and make special offers to them based on their behavior and interests.

Still in doubt? Contact us to discuss the features and benefits that an app can bring to your business. We believe that with our expertise and experience in designing applications, we can help you make the most of technology and take your business to the next level. Do not forget to contact us and visit our website. We are waiting to hear from you and are ready to work with you to design and develop a unique application for your business.

Types and cost of designing applications in Alphabet

If you want to have an attractive and efficient application that will help you achieve your goals, you should be in touch with Alfabob, Alfabob is by your side to succeed in this field with the help of the best marketing and branding strategies. Join us to explain to you the cost of designing an application at Alfawab company:

WordPress application design – tariff starts from 5 million tomans

Ready-made WordPress applications are useful for people who want to turn their website information into an application so that the audience can use them more easily. With the help of the store and news application, the user can see your products, content and news even if he is offline. With the help of the application, ease and speed of use are provided for users. Users can access the information they want faster. The mobile application has a better loading speed and performance. The application, along with the website, is considered a competitive advantage and makes you one step ahead of your competitors. To design a WordPress application and publish your content and services better, contact Alfawab.

Suggested application design – Tariff starts from 20 million tomans

The recommended applications in Alfabab collection are designed with the best price and have a graphic appearance, user-friendly content and finally excellent performance. If you want to start working to get more income, contact us now and while receiving professional advice, register your request for the design of the proposed applications.

Exclusive application design – tariff starting from 100 million tomans

To design a dedicated application, your idea, taste and goals have the first word! With these types of applications, you enter the field of professional competition and you will progress quickly due to the facilities that are included in these applications.

Designing a dedicated application is the best way to achieve your goals. An application that has a more attractive appearance and will have better sales as a result. These applications look more attractive and will help your business a lot.

Designing an application with the Alefbaweb

Alphabet is one of the best and most complete centers that provide digital marketing services in the best way. You can contact us to design the application and make the best decision. Alfawab’s consulting team will provide you with all the information so that you can reach the goals you need as soon as possible.

By designing an application, you can save your business from the world of filtering, in fact, activities on platforms such as Instagram and… to sell products and services are always subject to filtering, and one day you may wake up and see that all Your efforts are wasted! So expand your services independently in a dedicated application.

Contact us for more information and get free guidance from the consulting team and experts of this collection.