What is website content production? What are the ways to earn money from content production? How can we improve by producing SEO content? How should we proceed to order the production of website content?

Before talking about content production – website content production let’s go back a little, the days when the world Industry ruled over human activities and people worked, studied and lived according to the needs of capital owners. These people could not be connected to higher classes and more prosperous strata as easily; But the new world we live in is much different than what you think. Science, discovering information, using it with new knowledge, as well as with the help of the world of communication and the unique features of the Internet, have given us the opportunity to grow and develop our business. There are many ways to do this; But one of the most important ways of success is how we communicate with users. The main way to communicate is to produce high-quality website or social media content so that the user can get to know the business owners better and gain more trust in them.
If you also want to help communicate with your users by ordering content production or by acquiring the skills to do it, read the rest of the text more carefully because what is going to be said can cause many changes in your attitude. But before anything, we have to answer this question: What is content production? Content production is the process of generating topical ideas that are attractive to your buyers. You can create written or visual content around those ideas, as well as produce content in the form of blogs, videos, infographics or other formats from that information. If you are looking for an idea to start your online business, what better way than an online store site that can help you earn great money? Of course, the main condition is to choose your substrate correctly! If you take the first step, i.e. online store website design, we can hope that your success will be certain.

What is content production? What types are there?

At first glance, you may think that producing textual content is equivalent to writing posts for a blog or publishing pamphlets and articles, but in reality, most types and formats of content require the production of textual content.

For example, even if your concern is video marketing and you make a video clip, in order to make what you are presenting more professional, you must first write an attractive textual content and encourage the user to watch the video. Even producers of audio files and podcasts first of all write the desired text and then proceed to recording and subsequent processes.

Friends, be careful, we don’t mean that reading must be done in videos or podcasts, we mean that you are creating content for the audience, an audience that doesn’t know what’s inside your audio or video file, so start by creating content first. You encourage the user to join!

Even social network activists cannot avoid the burden of textual content. From tweeting on Twitter to writing captions on Instagram, there are examples of text content production, and anyone who is more professional in text writing can have a deeper impact on users.

Types of textual content

First of all, you should know who your user is and what content they find attractive! This will help you choose the best among several types of content and present it to users. We will check some of the most popular content types below:


The contents of blogs are easily digestible and captivating and are produced to make users more aware of your business. If you have a restaurant, you may want to publish some short articles on your blog. This content can be about anything like the menu, cooking, differences from other competitors and even the work history of your restaurant. Creating high-quality content attracts users and invites more people to your restaurant, therefore, creating high-quality content is a top priority for your business.

Categorized content

If you have a website about e-commerce, you should think about categorizing your content. On your site, you cannot use all the words of the real world, that is, in fact, your use of words depends on how you want to introduce the products.

Long posts

Long texts are used for education and information. Think about how to express these teachings and get help from suitable ideas. There is no word limit for this type of content because these content should be informative and provide all the information needed by the user.

Guest post

Many companies use guest posts on their sites. By doing this, they can increase the possibility of accessing their site and interacting with readers. Of course, you should always pay attention to the number of words because the number of words can limit you in the type of writing.

We feel that when reading the text of a blog, what is the most important principle?

Production of visual content (photo-video)

One of the ways to succeed in the digital world is to produce visual content that fits perfectly with the written content. It should always be remembered that 90% of the information entered in the brain is visual and 65% of people can keep it in their memory after seeing the content.

Types of video content production


You can design or produce photos yourself or take help from existing photos. Using high-quality images related to the text will attract the audience, but make sure that you do not tire them by inserting repeated photos. Also, make sure that the size of the photos is optimized for use on the web and does not slow down the loading of pages. If you have original photos of your product or service, be sure to ask them for help. This will encourage the audience to buy.


These types of images are used to explain a process such as a software or application. Images taken from your screen to help the audience get a better understanding at every stage.


When your content explains a complex process or informs statistics, infographics are the best tool for creating visual content. Likewise, when you design infographics, you can use original images that your audience cannot find anywhere else. So, infographics help you to attract more contacts on the site or even on social networks. If you want to act more professionally, get help from animated or interactive infographics to increase the impact on the user.

GIFs in the production of visual content

You can use gifs to establish a stronger connection with the audience. These gifs make the audience feel comfortable with you.


Research shows that 54% of audiences would like to see more videos from business owners. You don’t like users to go to competitors? So take video marketing and video content production seriously. Videos have the most power to engage the audience and expand your business significantly, although original videos are the best option, but you can also get help from existing videos with your business. Just remember to keep your credit.

motion graphics

Maybe this type of content production is unfamiliar to you and you want to know what motion graphics is? To answer this question, it can be said that it is a type of filmmaking that uses motion graphics to produce it. Motion graphics is a combination of graphic art and filmmaking, which is used to convey content and messages. Motion graphics design conveys a message that static images can never convey to the user.

You got acquainted with the types of visual content and their importance. Now you can take action and create attractive visual content for your business. This makes users recognize you as a source of attractive content and has a positive effect on your sales.

Production of audio content - podcast

Audio content is any type of published material or information that is consumed through listening. This piece of content includes any type of listening entertainment or marketing collateral such as podcasts, audiobooks, or artificial intelligence (AI) voice assistant capabilities. Audio content can also be played through devices such as computer speakers, headphones or smart speakers.

What about audio content? A podcast is a type of audio file that is shared on social networks or websites. Meanwhile, an audio content does not always need to be shared and you can take advantage of it by producing and using an audio file. These types of audio files can be listened to with appropriate software. Unlike video or written formats, audio content is created so that it can be easily consumed while moving or when doing several tasks.

As the consumption of audio content continues to increase, the importance of integrating it into business increases. Audio content is a useful way to convey the story, culture, mission or voice of the organization to potential customers. We can help you create audio content to improve user experience (UX) and communicate with your audience.

Do you feel that when reading the text of a blog, what is the most important principle?

Production of audio content or podcast: why?

  • Using audio content is effective in SEO of your site.
  • The cost of producing audio content is cheap and considered one of the cheapest advertising methods.
  • The production of audio content creates branding in the user’s mind.
  • A company that also provides valuable content in audio form.
  • The first company that provides audio content to its users in this field.
This makes being a leader in producing valuable content more visible.
  • You create a unique and excellent user experience for your contacts and increase the satisfaction of the contacts.
  • The volume of the audio content is lower than that of the video, and the speed reduction is less.
  • Audio content is a golden opportunity for blind people.
  • You can listen to the audio content while driving or behind traffic or dead times.
  • By producing audio content, you increase the probability of users returning and remembering the brand.
  • By producing audio content, the rank of your site will increase.

Any business can use the content method; But the activity in all channels and platforms is not much. It is important to be where your target audience is.

Sometimes an Instagram page provides all the mentioned advantages and sometimes you have to have a website full of articles, write a book, be active in social networks, make podcasts and produce clips at the same time.

What dimensions and channels of content production is needed depends on the subject of the business, the type of product or service, the persona of the customers, and most importantly, the time and cost required.

The effect of audio content production on site SEO:

  • By producing audio content on the site, SEO score is taken from Google and like video content, it has a separate score for SEO.
  • Google is producing a product called audio SEO, which shows the importance of this topic in digital marketing.
  • If you make the site and blog audio and put the audio file of the same page at the top of each page, you will help Google a lot in providing audio content to its users.
  • Google podcast team says: soon we will bring podcast in our search results like video.

Does every business need content?

To put it very simply, content based marketing is necessary for any business that can produce useful and quality content. Content production and marketing has many advantages, the most important of which are mentioned below:
  • You can earn from the content itself
  • Brings customers for your product or service
  • A low cost method
  • Helps build reputation, trust and credibility
  • Its results and performance can be easily analyzed.
  • It is effective in making customers loyal

Content is a business in itself

There are thousands of companies or people who earn money only by producing website content and social networks. Two common and popular methods of making money from content are selling content and advertising. It is enough to design a popular site or create popular channels and pages in social networks and receive advertising orders. In the method of selling the content itself, the produced content should be so valuable that the user is willing to pay for it. Even now, there are sites where you have to buy a subscription to use their content. Now that content production has such a big market, then this job should be interesting and lucrative. In the next part, we will explain about this job.

What is the content production job?

The job of content production has gained so much demand in recent years that many people (like me) choose it as their main job, and for some it is a second job. There are many content topics and works and anyone with any interest can earn money in one of its fields. It is not very difficult; You can be a remote freelancer or an in-person employee in large companies. You just need to learn the basic skills that we explained below. A content production expert can write articles for websites, create and publish posts for social networks such as Instagram, or produce video clips, podcasts, e-books, etc. These days, the job of a content production expert has become a relatively specialized job. It means that one person cannot do dozens of different things. Without knowledge and experience, no one can become an expert in content creation overnight. Currently, content production businesses are working on content production for websites and social networks, and in Iran, due to the filtering of most social networks except Instagram, a large part of content production is limited to websites and Instagram. For this reason, if you look at job sites and job ads, you will see that all companies need content creators for the site and Instagram. Site content production experts are usually hired for sites that write articles like the one you are reading.

Now, in general, content production experts are people with the following expertise or skills:

  • Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Principles of digital marketing
  • SEO

These skills are important, but the knowledge and mastery of content production experts are more important.

If someone has the basic skills but has no major in medicine and health, it is very difficult to produce original, quality and useful content in this field. Not that it is impossible, because thousands of contents have been published in each topic and many people produce and publish better contents with the help of previous contents. Neither people are interested in low-quality and useless content nor Google search engine. For this reason, the E-A-T factor was added in Google’s algorithms so that the content produced by experts, reliable and trustworthy people get a better rank in the search results, and in the end, be very, very careful with a “content copycat” instead of a “content producer”. Don’t change because there is no end.

Content production job market

Currently, the demand for hiring content production experts has increased, but the number of experts in this field is very low. Just look at the job ads. From a simple business to the biggest companies, they are looking for content production force. You might think that the reason for the lack of manpower is the difficulty of creating content. In fact, creating content is not a very difficult job, but for reasons such as people not being familiar with this job, there are not many applicants. Content production is neither a major in universities nor a cliché job with routine and repetitive tasks that you can learn in a day. Therefore, it is necessary to be creative in this profession. Content production is the most important way for website SEO! These days, more emphasis is placed on site SEO, creating attractive and audience-friendly site content. Creating site content will increase the site’s rank. That’s why site managers try to hire experienced bloggers. SEO content creates a good user experience. For a better and more enjoyable use of the audience, Google has considered rules that will make your site’s content more useful if you follow them. So, the best thing to do to be seen in the Google search results is to SEO the content produced for the site.

What are the principles of SEO in creating content for the site to be seen better?

  • Choosing useful and valuable keywords is very important in creating content and is almost the first step to having valuable content. According to the role of keywords in SEO, get help from special tools for this.
  • The second step can be choosing the right title for the content. Avoid writing repetitive and general titles and be sure to use creativity in the title.
  • The third step is to research and search a lot. This will make you have enough ideas for content writing and you will not repeat their mistakes and provide more useful content.
  • The next step is to know the user and check the needs. The content should be user-friendly and keep the user happy.
  • Using the content of specialized sites will be the next step. This work must be done by mentioning the source so that Google does not recognize the content of the site as a copy. Using content from other sites without mentioning the source of the site will result in a fine from Google and a drop in the site’s ranking.
  • Paying attention to the font and size of words, bolding, and the order of writing are things that must be observed in writing the text.
Do not forget that all these things will play a big role in improving the SEO of the site through content creation.

Tips for creating website content

Content production has steps and preparations that must be followed, otherwise the content produced will not be useful.

Knowledge of users and contacts

In the first step, you should know for whom you are going to produce content. By identifying their needs and desires, you can communicate more easily.

keyword identification

The audience uses certain words in their searches based on the type of thinking and insight they have. Of course, the vision and thinking of people are different from each other. If you want to have a good and valuable content, you must identify the type of words they use. These are called keywords. The number of keywords you use in your articles should be 3-4% of the total words in your article.

Research about content creation methods and competitors

It is better to familiarize yourself with the methods and techniques of content production. Knowing these methods will help you to increase the speed of your work. Knowing your competitors also helps you choose better paths to reach your goal.

Create new ideas and methods

People always welcome new designs and ideas. You can satisfy the readers by presenting a new design.

Choose the appropriate title

Choosing a suitable title for articles is one of the main stages of content creation. The first thing that attracts the audience is not the headline or the title of the article, so if you want your article to be in the audience’s attention, choose an attractive and appropriate title.

Keep the word count

The minimum words you can use on the site are 800 words on the site and 300 to 500 words on the blog. Fewer words result in a Google penalty.

Have a great start

After the title of the article, what increases the attractiveness of the text and articles is the introduction. When the audience starts reading the text, you only have a few moments to get their attention. By arousing the audience’s curiosity at the beginning of the text, you can encourage him to continue visiting the site.

Leave the text topic

The content should be directly related to the topic of your text or at least use words and sentences in such a way that it is not outside of your topic. To do this, you can use LSI Keywords. These words make Google understand the main topic of the article when indexing your site and articles.

Avoid copied content

Instead of copying articles and content from other sites, try to produce your own content. This will increase the credibility of your site and will be effective in gaining the trust of the audience.

Connect with your users

Communicating with users has two advantages. First, thank you for their presence on the site, and secondly, their comments can help improve your work process.

Get help under the heading

One of the ways to optimize the content is to use subtitles in the text. The purpose of categorizing pages and articles on the site and dividing the content into several parts. By doing this, you create the possibility of easy and quick access for your contacts and users.

Order content creation for the site

The purpose of the Alfawab team in preparing this article was to introduce you to content production and guide you to produce specialized and useful content. Don’t waste time and start creating website content for your business today. With the increase of your traffic and customers, after a short period of time, you will realize the importance of content production. If you want to outsource your site’s content creation projects, Alfaboob can handle your projects with its experienced and professional team.

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