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Alfaba Web, along with experienced and professional designers and coders, always strives for the maximum results of its customers from their target market. We are here to turn your ideas into reality and work with you to achieve the desired result. In the Alfaba Web team, you can use the opinions and advice of experts at the work stage and get a better result. From the first stage of work, which is choosing the right domain name for you and optimal for SEO, to the stage of optimization and choosing the best hosting and SSL company, etc. You can contact the sales or support team during office hours through the numbers listed on the site, and during non-office hours, the Alphabet Web team is by your side through WhatsApp.

AlefbaWeb Services

Corporate Website Design

All companies can use the internet platform to display their resume, services and capabilities. Usually, in corporate sites, graphic coordination and loading speed and international domains are very important.

Online store design

Usually, stores consider a certain time and range for their buyers. With the internet and store sites, these restrictions can be removed and the range of customers can be increased, which is where security comes first.

Personal Website Design

One of the concerns of freelancers, trainers and artists is not having a valid platform to display their works, where fans and clients can get correct information from them and contact them if necessary.

Android application

Android applications that are usually written with Android Studio software are native. These applications have the ability to share in the market, Google Play, etc.

iOS application

IOS applications are also written natively. These applications have the ability to share in Sibcheh, Sib App, App Store, etc.

Web application design

This type of application is a web version of a store, company, or... site, which does not have the ability to register in mobile application stores, but increases the probability of visiting your website.


Many websites are no longer attractive to users due to the fact that a lot of time has passed since they were designed, and they do not have the current standards of graphic design, which can be easily redesigned if the codes of the site are not outdated.

User Interface Design

If the user interface or the same (User Interface Design) is low on a site, the audience will not stay on the site and it will cause the time on page and time on the site to drop, which is not suitable for SEO at all.

User Experience Design

User Experience Design is precisely the ease of using the site for the user, which allows the user to find the things they need from the site in the shortest possible time. which makes for a pleasant experience.

SEO and optimization

Internal and external backlinking of websites and news reports is very important to improve the DA of websites, which is one of Google's criteria, and it can harm you a lot.

Site optimization

One of the factors of limited growth or not growing the rank of websites is the non-optimization of the site and website pages, which is directly related to the loading speed and UX of the website.


SEO can be considered the key to getting to the first page of Google. Due to the number and complexity of Google's algorithms, it is better to start designing the site from the beginning

E-Mail Marketing

Despite all the talk that has been written about this method being inappropriate, experience has proven that even large social networks use this method to return their audience.

Content marketing

Content marketing is currently the best tool for creating sales and digital marketing. If you can produce appropriate content professionally, you will be ahead of your competitors.

Search Engine Marketing

One of the options that businesses only focus on is search engine marketing. Due to the time-consuming nature of SEO, they usually choose AdWords, which itself has many details.

Production Of Exclusive Applications

Usually, the softwares available in the market, because they are written in a public way and are optimized with existing scripts, cannot provide all the needs of large companies and institutions, therefore, the Alfaba Web Group started programming the software with its technical knowledge. and you can contact us for more information.

Non-attendance courses

Some people are not able to be physically present due to busy work and location, and Alphabet Web has prepared educational videos for them, through these trainings, they can fully master these materials and get results.

Face-to-face courses

Usually, the best type of training occurs when a person is physically present and can accept and test the training given and solve their problems. that these trainings in Alphabet Web are usually private.

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