Store website design - What is online store website design?

Do you need an online store website design, but are you confused? Don’t know how to start an online business? Are you hesitant to start an online store and your decision changes every day? Do you think the cost of designing an online store website is too high and you can’t afford it? Let’s leave all your worries aside and carefully read the article that we have designed and prepared for you. We are by your side to introduce you to the online store site and its features in a basic and concise manner.

If you are looking for an idea to start your online business, what better way than an online store site that can help you earn great money? Of course, the main condition is to choose your substrate correctly! If you take the first step, i.e. online store website design, we can hope that your success will be certain.

People’s acceptance of internet businesses is so significant that managers and business owners are thinking of starting an internet business. Currently, one of the best ways to earn money is to start an online store.

People’s time is limited and they track everything from buying an egg to buying a property online. Store sites have the authority of a shop and a company that has a product or service to offer. All kinds of clothes, food, various pink files, video files, etc., home accessories, etc. are sold on the shopping sites, and the entire purchase process is completed by pressing or touching a few buttons.

Store sites that have become popular these days and thanks to the DigiKala site, its culture has been established among people, can be a great opportunity to generate income, and we must act with the utmost sensitivity so that we can get ahead of our business competitors. Now that everyone has understood what a pure gem internet sites are, their number is increasing, and this means that the sooner you decide and the sooner you move, the sooner you will be ahead of many!

Types of online store website design

Online store of non-physical goods

This type of online store only sells non-touchable downloadable and virtual goods; Products such as movies, music, PDF files, digital books, etc. that the user downloads. In this case, the download link will be available for the user after payment.

Online store of physical goods

A store that offers physical and tangible products such as mobile phones and other digital goods, clothing, home appliances, food, etc. is in the physical product store group. In the type of online store website design, customers register their order and sales team employees send the desired product to the customer.

The purpose of online store website design

Designing an online store site is done with various goals, but we point out earning money as the most important goal of designing an online store site.

The purpose of online store website design is to attract customers in the virtual space and earn money. Of course, achieving this goal is not very easy.

These days, there are thousands of online stores, among which few of them have been able to succeed, so every business owner should pay attention to SEO and site optimization in addition to focusing on website design. By doing this, the online store is displayed on the top pages of search engine results and finally the number of visitors and users of your online store increases.

One of the goals of online store website design is marketing. Any business owner can introduce a large amount of products and their brand to people in the shortest time by designing an online store site. Internet marketing is a cost-effective way to advertise.

Online store website design steps

This step is not much different from setting up a real store or shop. In order to do internet marketing effectively, you need to determine what products you decide to sell.

  1. Are you the exclusive producer of this group of products or are you a producer yourself?
  2. What skills do you have in the area where you plan to sell your goods?
  3. Does the field in which it operates have many competitors or not?

Let’s assume that you have launched a clothing store. Now we have to go to define the target market:

In this case, which category of users are your target market?
Do you exclusively focus on selling women’s clothing?
Are you active in the field of children’s clothing?
What kind of users are you focusing on?
What quality levels of clothing will you be working on and what is the income level of your users?

So, pay attention to choosing the type of target market after choosing the type of product in the future of your store and after launching the online store has very important effects.

From this point on, you will enter the execution phase. Your responsibility at this stage is to choose a name, register the internet domain and finally choose a management system and generate useful content for your activity. Also, if you are thinking about branding in the long term, make a principled and correct decision from the very beginning and be careful in choosing the brand name and logo. Because if you regret choosing the desired name in the middle of the way, many things must change and you will be left behind!

Zero to a hundred sites can be selected and built by yourself, but eventually you will need some specialized information and maybe even programming. The first thing the site needs is a template. The template is the appearance of your site. Now management systems and useful content production are installed to improve your site.

Your work with website design does not end at the initial launch of the online store. Without content, your site will have nothing to offer users. Creating content for an online store is one of the most important parts for your site to progress. Considering the specialized cases in content production, a large part of the marketing process is covered in your online store.

Obtaining the electronic trust symbol and other licenses if needed. This sign is to show that your site or online store is trusted and controlled by relevant organizations. After checking the site, the identity and authorization of the owner of the store of the year will be issued, and if someone complains to you during this time, the symbol will be taken back from you!

Different stores have created different ways to pay for the product. These days, due to the expansion of electronic banking services, most people prefer the online payment option. So, receiving portals from reputable banks should be in your plan.

What are the advantages of online store website design?

Users will have less bad experience

One of the advantages of online stores is that you can identify these audiences and do your online sales and meet the needs of this group of people. If the customer ever wants to communicate with you, he will do so with the help of online chat, feedback or email.

Convenience to encourage shopping on online store sites

One of the advantages of the online store is to focus sales on specific products. If you use professional images with attractive colors and human stimulating aspects, you can make good sales in your ads. To create more excitement, you can promote customers’ purchases to instant purchases from countdown timers and limited time periods.

Affordable employees in the online store

One of the things that you should pay attention to is the hiring of labor force, where you can hire employees whose cost of living is extremely low. Your need for online customers is far less than employees working in physical stores.

Ability to manage and process a large number of orders

Long queues and crowded physical places prevent enough shopping, but in online stores, thousands of people can register their purchases at the same time and receive their packages after a while.

You can easily access user information

Many users are not interested in sending e-mails or postal codes to physical sellers, but in online stores, you can ask for the customer’s name, surname, e-mail, phone number, address, etc. according to your needs.

Grow your business organically with the help of content

By producing high-quality content and publishing it in virtual space and the Internet, you can attract high organic traffic through search engines and social networks, but this process should continue alongside your text and click ads.

The ability to do things at a high speed in the online store

The speed of growth of Internet businesses is increasing, so do not be afraid of advertising by following the principles and targeted campaigns. If you sell physical products, instead of expanding stores and branches, focus on expanding your warehouse and products and track sales online.

We do not have time and place limitations

The physical store is limited to the neighborhood and working hours and they are usually active from 9 am to 9 pm, when you need something at 4 am, you face a problem; Online stores have completely solved this problem for you and you can make your purchase and receive your product from any geographical point.

By designing an online store website, you don’t need to hire a security guard for the store, and you just need to deliver these packages to the courier to deliver the product to the audience.


International sales in online stores

Through this method, new brands can sell their products all over the world, for example, you live in Iran and your products can find fans and customers in England, Australia, South America, China, or neighboring countries. . You can get help from international transportation systems and… so that you can cover your customers well in addition to cost-effectiveness.

Simple display of the best sellers on the website of the online store

One of the great advantages of e-commerce is that you can easily show your best-selling products to your users, which is not limited to a specific field, for example, if you sell charcoal on your site, you can choose according to the quality and Select the product type of your users and make users who visit the Internet for easy shopping your customers.

Personalization of shopping experience in online store website design

Personalization can have a great impact on your users and encourage many people to shop online. Designing different landing pages helps you target specific users and it’s like what you do in your stores to attract the customer at first sight and buy the product.

Characteristics of a successful online store site

One of the things that is very important for every buyer is the service that a store provides in exchange for buying a product. These services can be in various cases, a good store considers a support group to answer their questions and help users in choosing goods. Good stores consider tempting services such as discount codes and… for users.

A successful online store has a variety of products, that is, the products are presented in several ranges, and if the store has a variety of products, they are classified, to make it easy for users to buy. For example, separate cosmetic products from food and home appliances and place them in separate categories. Finally, product information needs to be mentioned correctly to encourage people to buy and make a decision.

The safety of online stores is a serious and important issue and consumers are worried about the disclosure of their financial and private information. Stores must guarantee the security of the customer’s personal information and provide them with the necessary explanations.

There are many ways to convince a customer to buy from a store. In the first step, a good store should have a suitable and attractive appearance. A beautiful online store can show the customer that he will definitely find the product he needs with the best possible quality.

Creating a smooth and accurate payment system:

The right online store guarantees the security of its site and prepares an easy and convenient payment system for customers so that all people with any level of education can benefit from the store’s services.

Eliminating retailers in online marketplaces reduces cost and ultimately the final price. In strong online stores, by creating more diversity in goods and services, prices are offered in different ranges so that users can get their appropriate goods and services according to their financial ability. Contact us for online store website design.

Important points in online store website design

In the following, we mention 14 very important and practical tips for increasing customers. Tips that will help you increase your site’s income and reach your goal of business promotion. Stay with us and if something was missed, mention it in the comments section so that we can expand the content of online store website design with your help.

Design your online store clean, quiet and classified

Ease of use of the site and easy access to things that the visitor may need is one of the most important things that should be considered in the design of the website of the online store. Avoid adding too many links in the main menu.

Home page menus are more important than you think. Set headings for the products and put each one in its own related menu. In your online store, you only display the images of the products, but when these images are arranged irregularly and side by side, they take away the possibility of choice and decision from the customer and reduce the conversion rate of visitors to buyers.

Label the products carefully and make the product description and price easily visible and accessible. You can play the role of a good consultant and guide to choose goods.

The contact number should be the first thing the customer sees

There are times when your users may have questions about a particular product or payment method. Your communication with the audience through the phone sometimes seems impossible due to the high traffic of visitors, but it has important effects in gaining the trust and guidance of the visitor.

Get help from the search bar

Most users come to your site with a previous decision to buy goods. It means that the customer knows what he is looking for and has already made his decision.

If the desired item is not shown on the first page of the online store and he has to search for a long time on the site, he will leave the store. To avoid customer confusion, a search bar or an internet chat can be efficient. Quick access to the product and preventing the customer from getting bored is the key to your success in converting visitors to buyers.

For the design of the website of our online store, we follow all these things so that you can achieve success quickly.

The “user comments” section does magic

It is important for customers how the experience of buying a product was according to others. The main reason for this problem is the impossibility of checking and observing a product before deciding to buy it.

This option can act like a double-edged sword, i.e. the good opinions of users lead to more sales of a product and their bad opinions lead to a decrease. This increase or decrease will change the final decision of potential customers.

Get help from quality images

In a shop, you can have a more precise feeling about that product by picking up, wearing, smelling, tasting and even weighing a product. This experience does not happen when shopping or entering an online store.

To compensate for this problem, it is necessary to use high-quality images from different angles of a product. To display the product features, there must be visible details or details that help the visitor in making a purchase decision.

Be careful with smartphones

Images, forms, keys, links, and site content should not be confused by changing the screen. The possibility of connecting to the shopping portal in the mobile version should be carefully checked and its accuracy and ease of use should be considered.

People who make their purchases on the web are those who are always looking for the most convenient way to do their work, so the easier it is for them to enjoy online shopping or shopping via mobile, the higher the success rate of your business will be. went

Simplify the payment process

The reason for the success of many web applications or Android applications is not their usefulness or efficiency, but their simplicity and ease of use, their distinction and strength from other applications.

After the customer selects the product, direct him to the electronic payment portal and receive the necessary information to complete the purchase process, the rest of the story and the details required for sending the product or other matters after the money transfer can be tracked and assigned.

Shortcut product previews to increase sales

Maybe not all contacts have the time and patience to refer to the dedicated page of a product or do not consider it necessary to read the details of a product to make a decision. In any case, by previewing a product, you can guide visitors to the path of gaining experience about a product.

Previewing a product and defining a hyperlink on it to enter a dedicated page increases the conversion rate of visitors to buyers.

Try to expose your brand to customers often

In order for users to remember your brand and to register your brand’s position in the market and the competition scene, use visual symbols to introduce the store. Uncle Yadgar, Mayun Chi Toz and… are good examples.

Get help from the organizational color of your company or brand in the design of store components. The identity of a brand gives you the ability to create a lasting and productive market. Big brands will have many lessons for you.

Explain the trading method and store rules

When users are looking for the product they want in your online store, one of the most important questions they are looking for is the method of sending the product, the shipping cost, and how to return it if they regret the purchase. If the mentioned information is simply not available, the purchase motivation will be significantly reduced.

Prepare the basket for the customer

To remind and guide the customer to perform the last activity, encourage him to put the desired products in the shopping cart. The color of the phrase “add to cart” should be inviting and attractive. Tell the buyer that you are looking forward to doing business with him, that is, Dear customer, Thank you for your purchase, wait for your item.

The virtual world has the first and last word for now

Put the link of the media in which you are active in your social networks. Follow advertising in the virtual world (Instagram, Telegram, etc.) with the aim of attracting audience and informing about your products.

Filtering is not always bad

Classification of products based on various indicators allows the customer to examine only the items of interest from the mass of information related to products with the help of filtering tools. Sites like Amazon, Alibaba, and their native version, DigiKala, have done this well.

Sales do not happen without gaining trust

Symbols such as the “Electronic Trust Symbol” give the user the confidence to enter her personal information and bank account password through the banking portals on the site without fear or feeling insecure.

The cost of designing an online store website

The cost of designing an online store website

Website design costs are divided into two parts. One is the obvious costs of website design that most users deal with, and the other is the hidden costs that include costs, content production, etc., which we should be familiar with.

In general, 6 factors can change the cost of designing a website with WordPress and your own, which we introduce to you on this page.

General possibilities of website design

  1. Type of CMS
  2. The credibility of the website design company
  3. The appearance of the site
  4. Support Site
  5. SEO site

General possibilities affecting the price of website design

There are also facilities that generally affect the design of all sites. For example, dynamic sites that have a management panel and can be modified in the shortest time require more money than static sites.

In the end, everything depends on the capabilities of a website, and you can contact us to estimate the cost of online store website design, Alfabab consultants will patiently convey everything you need to know.

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